News Bits: Chimaeron guide updated, Robo Hunter on Final Boss, 6.0 PTR stuff

Have you been on the 6.0 PTR yet to test the hunter changes? If you weren’t in beta, I’d highly recommend it! You can test out most of the new hunter stuff except the level 100 talents. The new pet families are tameable except for Riverbeasts and Rylaks which only exist in Draenor.

One of the first things I did was head on over to Chimaeron and see how it was to tame him at level 90 since I’ve previously only done it at level 100. It’s a bit trickier to do solo at 90, but perfectly doable. I updated my original Chimaeraon post with details on how to do the tame at both level 90 and 100.

Solar on Final Boss

Solar, who will now be known as Robo Hunter (you’ll understand when you watch), was on Final Boss this weekend talking about hunters in Warlords.  He did an excellent job at representing hunters and expressing our current concerns with the class, but stayed positive at the same time. You can watch the episode below.

Slow news week?

Not much exciting happening when it comes to hunter changes or WoW changes in general. We’re in the home stretch. Patch 6.0 is due in about a month or so, and then just a few short weeks until Warlords. I’ve been reducing my beta playtime ever since we solved Gara just to keep things fresh for me when it actually launches. Actually, in the past few days I think I spent more time on the PTR than beta which is kind of weird.

I was curious how much inventory space I’ll be getting when 6.0 drops. After a thorough bag clean up and adding everything to the toy box, reagent bank, and second void storage tab, I’ve managed to free up a ton of space. I went in with only 9 free bag slots across my entire inventory, bank, and void storage. After the cleanup, I was at 167 free. That should tide me over for a little bit.

WHU has been doing a series of posts introducing new contributors which you should check out. There’s also some cool looking hunter shirts in the works!

I’ve also been working on updating the Wowhead hunter guide for 6.0 and Warlords. Like the original 5.4 guide, it’s geared more towards new or recently boosted hunters, and in this case those who haven’t been fully keeping up on all the 6.0 changes. That should go up some time before Warlords.

In before massive hunter news after I say it’s going to be a slow week.

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4 thoughts on “News Bits: Chimaeron guide updated, Robo Hunter on Final Boss, 6.0 PTR stuff”

  1. I’m not in a position where I’m able to play WoW anymore, not even on my f2p account (every computation machine I owned broke from various external sources, like my puppy taking a leak on my laptop -_-), so I thoroughly enjoy these updates!

  2. I’m still wondering about what happened with the idea to make Powershot hit harder on non stunable NPC’s like Warrior’s Stormbolt ability.
    Barrage exeeds it for AoE. It even did so before it was buffed. Same goes for Glaive toss. So aside from the knockback there is no real point to this lvl 90 talent. Especially considering the long cooldown

    Not to mention I was probably not the only one who was looking forward to see a long cd hard hitting cast again like vanilla Aimed Shot.
    Do you know anything about this topic? Or was this idea dropped entirely during the beta progress

    1. Yeah, Powershot is a weird case. For some reason they opted to completely ignore it. I can see ignoring Glaive Toss. It was already so damn versatile, but Powershot could have used some love to make it a viable choice in more situations.

  3. i’ve noticed you holding a bow. whenever i play a dwarf hunter, always prefer using a bow tho some people think it’s sacrilege for not using a gun. 😉

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