Hunting Party Podcast Episode 210: Preparing for patch 6.1

Wow, have we already done 10 of these? In this episode, Darkbrew, Delirium, Solarflair, and Bendak talk about upcoming changes to hunters in patch 6.1, talk Blackrock Foundry, and give a detailed rundown of the tier 17 set bonuses for all specs. We also say goodbye to Scattered Shots and WoW Insider. If you missed my final Scattered Shots, you can read it here.

The show is broadcast live on Twitch TV every second Sunday at 10:00 am ET (14:00 GMT). In addition to the live show, you can find it at:

The next episode is scheduled for Sunday, February 15. Thanks for listening.

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4 thoughts on “Hunting Party Podcast Episode 210: Preparing for patch 6.1”

  1. Not to brag:) but I was flying around looking for Loque, and I saw King Krush, perfectly alive. Dismissed my pet, started the tame. My DISMISSED pet came back and killed him. Of course, I abandoned the damn thing and went on a half-hour Rhino killing spree.

    Next morning before school, I decide to log on and hearth to my garrison so I won’t have to blow the cooldown when I log on later. King Krush is standing right in front of me, alive. I tamed him, and now I’m going to let him kill endless Storm Peaks Rhinos as revenge.

  2. In the podcast, you talked about SV and one button explosive traps.
    If you have razor naga, you can program your mouse to do the following:

    start script
    1) Keybind for explosive trap
    2) Left click (mouse button down)
    3) Left click (mouse button up)
    end script

    Worth considering if you have razor naga

    1. Hi Marks,

      I remember using for my fury warrior in MoP and realized I could apply the same script to explosive trap (or any ability that upon pressing gives you a target circle).

      Heroic Leap On Mouseover (Youtube)

      This video explains how to set it up in razer synapse 2.0 (required to create the script aka macro)
      The process is exactly the same because he’s assigning it to a button and not a specific skill. In the case of the video, he assigns heroic leap to mouse wheel up, and most likely has heroic leap key bound to mouse wheel up already.

      To clarify my macro (as its called in razer synapse)
      step 1) button 8 down
      step 2) button 8 up

      —- this will bring up the targeting circle,

      step 3) left click down
      step 4) left click up

      —- this will shoot the trap at the targeted location via trap launcher.

      It may take a little time to pre-plan putting your mouse over where you want your trap, but once you get used to it, should be easy to use.

      Feel free to reply if you have questions.

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