What new pets do you want to see?

I’ve written posts in the same vein as this before (like this Scattered Shots) and I try my best not to sound like a spoiled, entitled hunter. The reality is, we have a crapton of pets to choose from. There’s not much reason to beg for more, but hey, Muffinus asked! The same designer responsible for Gara and other new pet families in in 6.0.

So with that in mind, I thought it would be cool to touch on some of the interesting potential pets out there. Think of it as a wishlist. Some of them are new skins for existing families, and some would have to be new families entirely (much less likely outside of a new expansion).

New looks for existing families

All images above are courtesy of Petopia.

This is just a few of them. There are so many more. Petopia has a huge thread listing all of the potential pets that would fit into existing families.

As you can see, I’ve listed several bosses here. Horridon, Thok, and Tortos have all been soloed by hunters at this point (check out Shoot and Durendil’s YouTube channels for the videos). They definitely meet the requirement of “if you can kill it, you should be able to tame it” that has seemingly applied to other tameable raid bosses like Chromaggus and Chimaeron. We might need to wait an additional expansion where the average player can solo them before this would apply.

I highlighted a couple bears because we really need some more bear pets, especially since I consider it to be one of the most iconic hunter pets thanks to the original WoW cinematic (and the art we use for the podcast). Speaking of bears, I really hope we get some updated models sometime soon. It’s one of the few creatures that hasn’t had an update since vanilla. It would also be nice to have a matching pet to the Kor’kron Warwolf mount, and that other black wolf simply looks awesome.

Beasts that could be merged into existing families

All images above are courtesy of Petopia.

I’d like to think that rams, yaks, and shoveltusks could somehow be merged into the goat family, possibly under a new name to incorporate all of these beasts with horns. The sand reaver and kunchongs could easily be merged into the silithid family.

One I wanted to focus on was the gyreworm. I think these guys should be merged in with the shale spider family (and renamed to “shale beast”). The shale spider family is a bit underwhelming for a pet with one of the best ability suites in the game. There’s just a handful of colors all using the same model, and they’re not very impressive looking. The argument is that gyreworms are elementals and not beasts, but I think a precedent was already set with shale spiders as tameable pets made of stone.

Last up, we have more of a longshot — the Windsteed. The reason this one is a longshot is they aren’t used anywhere except for the store mount. They’d make awesome stag family pets though! Wasted models if you ask me.

Check out the Petopia thread with a full list of unused but potential pet families.

Potential new pet families (long shots)

All images above are courtesy of Petopia.

Pterodactyls! We need more dinosaur pets! The pterrorwings (from Isle of Thunder) may be a bit unwieldy if they were flying all the time, but they do have a full suite of grounded animations which could work well, sort of like rylaks. The pterrordax found in Un’goro only has flying animations, but their size is somewhere in between a bird of prey and chimaera, so they could work fine as a flying pet.

Mammoths, gulp frogs, and unicorns are long shots since there’s not much to build a family around. I’ve always wanted one of the frog pets since they started to be summoned by Dire Beast in some areas. Overall, I’d say the pterodactyl family is the best candidate here because we’ve got several other dinosaur families already.


New spirit beasts?

Gara was a welcome treat for hunters this expansion, but I think it would be neat if the story could continue in a future patch. A small “quest” to remove the void corruption and make her look like a regular spirit beast again would be nice. You’d still have the option of having a void corrupted version with the Lost Netherwolf that unlocks after you’ve tamed Gara.

Also, hunters really need a spirit beast sporebat, am I right? For the DPS.

If there’s any new pets you’d like to see, you should reply to the original tweet or leave a comment if you don’t use Twitter. Maybe we can get something new to tame in patch 6.2.

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76 thoughts on “What new pets do you want to see?”

  1. I like your idea of a Spirit Beast Sporebat. However, I would love to have a Spirit Beast Chimaera! (Maybe that’s just me).

  2. I’d love to be able to tame kodos, thunder lizards and stegodons. They could probably be lumped in with the rhinos and clefthooves, though that would probably warrant changing the pet family’s name (again).

    On a more general note, anything that should, by all logic, be tamable, but for some reason isn’t. I’m sure there’s some technical reason behind it, but it is kind of frustrating when Beast Lore can tell me what the mob’s diet is when it’s impossible for me to tame, let alone feed it.

  3. I would love for Blizzard to expand on Garas story, the way it left off actually feels like there should be some sort of redemption there. Also I would like to see a druid pet in the future.

  4. They should use some special quest or something to allow non-beast pet families. I can imagine mechanical pets (which could be introduced at the same time as gnome hunters)! There are so many robots in the game that would make awesome pets!

    Also: tame dragons! C’mon! Let us tame hachlings, drakes and protodrakes! Scale them down as much as needed, but give us dragon pets!

    1. What about using tradeskills as a sub requirement. Hunter + engineer = mechanical pets, Hunter + tailoring = silk worms? Hunter + blacksmithing = elemental pets

      1. On the left side this would be awesome. On the right side no never! What if you want to get that mech pet and you dont want to lose your alchemie points?

  5. I’ve actually wanted to tame frogs ever since the new models came out for them with Timeless Isle and they introduced Gulp Frogs. I hoped so ever much they could have made those tameable back in MoP and also given then the spell haste buff so I could have killed, I mean let go, yeah let go, of my sporebat I was forced to raid with for the entire expansion.

    But seeing Tortos pictured there, I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish on multiple occasions of the day I could go in ToT and hopefully try and tame him. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Chimaeron was sort of a test bed for raid hunter challenges. I would love for some old beast bosses to be added to our stables in that way.

  6. Sea lions. They’re a tenacity family beast that only eats fish (to the extent that anyone still feeds their pets any more).

    I am baffled that rams are not already in the goat family.

    And why are mammoths not in the elekk family, which obviously would need to be renamed “elephants,” because obviously. (It’ll totally be worth all the “Snuffleuppagus” names we’ll see as a result.)

    I’m with you on the windsteeds as well. Although I don’t think Blizzard necessarily nailed it with the ki-rin, not giving them more of a presence in Pandaria made things a lot worse. Let’s see the other models roaming the skies over the continent and atop those peaks in almost every zone.

    And yes to taming the now-removed SoO mount as a pet. Those of us with the mount get to have our specialness forever, but not letting anyone have access to the model is just a waste of existing assets.

    (And, because it was mentioned on Twitter, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to have warlocks expand their pool of pets with minor glyphs to reskin their existing demons with the alternate colors already in the game. It’s minor work for Blizzard and a nice present for both warlocks and scribes.)

  7. “I think a precedent was already set with shale spiders as tameable pets made of stone”

    ..also quilens in Pandaria? arent they made of stone? another precedent!

    but i agree with you, the most needed is a bear model update. More bears!

  8. We need a spirit beast Sporebat. Mine saw me through most of SoO mainly because my guild didn’t have the spell haste buff. He doesn’t see much action nowadays, but I will never release him. He’s also called Roguebane and I’m waiting for my guild to ask why.

    1. Oye! Proto-drakes!! I forgot about them as actual beasts out in the world and not just as mounts. Yes…make this so.

  9. As an Engineer and a Hunter I love the idea of making a pet that would bind to me.

    Also if the Iron Wolves that are being ridden around in The Pit could be tamed that might satisfy my urge

  10. Tweeted this to Muffinus as well, but I’d LOVE to see actual snakes (not the ones that stand up) as tameable pets. I also have been dying for some sort of Frog/salamander pet, so Hoorah! for gulp frogs – if I only had one vote it would be for them. And, you know, dread ravens too.

  11. All I really want is Gara’s original form, yeah. It’s so pretty, and while the void wolf skin is also pretty, it’s just not my thing, whereas the ghostly spirit beasts are. Also seconding more spirit beasts in general, for more pet families. I’d be all over a spirit rhino, or stag, or can you imagine a spirit devilsaur? The ghost of some ancient dinosaur, you could call it from the skeleton or something and then tame it. Of course, it’d be cooler if tamed devilsaurs were slightly bigger, but whatever.

    I would also be all over a tameable sand reaver, oh my god. I never really had any feelings about them one way or the other until I started running AQ for transmog gear, but I love their weird bug faces, and more low-profile pets are always welcome. (I say, after wishing for a spirit rhino and bigger devilsaurs.)

  12. I’d love to see the Clefthoof packbeasts that the orcs use in Gorgrond. If anything, so I can RP my own caravan.

  13. Oh, and I forgot… I WANT THIS GUY: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=71529/thok-the-bloodthirsty

    I’ve wanted to tame him ever since SoO launched. Maybe make him a tame in a similar fashion as Chimaeron in BWD. This one is my top, number 1, “I WANT TO TAME!!” – but honestly, any (and all) beasts in old content raids should be tameable in my opinion. I guess if I had one wish in regards to this topic it would be that. 🙂

    1. Darn tootin’ That would be a great bad-ass looking hunter pet.
      I’ve often thought it’d be cool to have something really small for a hunter pet, like a spider maybe … but when they attack, they swarm all over the enemy. Creepy, no?

  14. I feel Shoveltusks should be added to the Stag Family, because while hardly graceful they are clearly Cervids.

    Also Mammoths would be awesome.

    Spirit Beasts are probably the best way to have miscellaneous beasts like WindSteeds become tamable due to the term “Spirit Beast” being kinda vague due to the fact they aren’t restricted to certain species. You want a certain beast tameable? Make it ghostly in appearance and Blizz can slap that spirit beast label on it.

    I would like Horses to become tamable, there is something about a Stallion that seems like it would make a great pet.

  15. Green void wolf. That seems logical given we can tame the purple void wolf. Spirit devilsaur – We have encountered fine specimens on Isle of Thunder. Generally, armored pets would work and fits with the warlord theme.

  16. Dragons.

    The twist being that you don’t tame them, you complete a quest where you do macguffin and they swear a life debt or similar.

    You know, since taming a sentient creature kinda amounts to slavery.

    1. Now, thats a great idea. I would even dare to suggest ’em to make it like Warlocks pets that say something when summoned, but I belive that would be A LOT of content to add 😛

  17. i want a quest line that allows us to befriend dragons and the dragon quest line is only available to beast masters and you must be level 100 and you start the quest line at tanaan jungle aaaaaannnnddd…………YOU GAIN THE KNOWLEDGE TO BEFRIEND A DRAGON FROM THE DRAGONMAW’S ANCESTORS YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEFORE THEY ENSLAVED THEIR DRAKES

  18. Since Insider is gone, I’ll pull up a chair and camp here with my bear, and pint.

    Lord knows I’ve caught about every pet possible, especially back in the day when we had to learn pet skills by catching and training up different pets. The one I always wanted since LK has been a mammoth. I know it would shrink down, but their is something I love about them.

    If we get that then maybe a ram. A nice white IF ram. Been wanting one since seeing them back in the day. when you flew from the wetlands to IF.

  19. I guess based on what I am seeing here and my own personal beliefs regarding this, I think I can sum up everything in one reply back to Muffinus: “Make anything and everything that’s listed as a “Beast”, tamable.”

    If I hit Beast Lore and it shows a diet, it should be tamable.

    I would also resound the sentiment that I would love to see the Hell Hounds in Fire Lands be tamable as well (I know they are listed as Elementals, but…. come on… make ’em tamable!).

    1. Right??? Because I don’t know about anyone else, but it always seems the one person that needs to be summoned to the instance is the one and only Warlock in the raid! 🙂

  20. I’d really love to tame some more colors of the Draenor wolf model… the black one with the red eyes and the light brown one (the leatherworking mount). I love that model so much. Also the wolves in shadowmoon that look like a green version of Gara are awesome, i’d love to tame one of them… too bad they are aberrations 🙁 Besides that i’d also love a Pterodactyl family for us to tame.

  21. Personally, i’d like to be able to tame (craft) some sort of robo-hybrd hunter pet… cause you know… Engineering.

  22. How about beast masters being able to tame the wild griffons near the entrance to the hinterlands from hillsbrad??

  23. I would love the ability to capture the new Iron-style pets. If you have fought Beastlord Darmac, you might know what I’m talking about. There’s an Iron Wolf, Iron Elekk, and Iron Clefthoof (on Mythic).

    Sidenote: Kodos and Elekks have always been on my want list for pet families.

  24. Flameworg.
    Kor’kron Flameworg
    The only thing I was excited about, and then couldn’t tame it.

  25. I Would personally love to see a spirit raptor that’s tameable. I have always loved the look of raptors, and when they redid the models of them in Warlords of Draenor, I was even more excited, but a little let down that they didnt add in a Spirit raptor.

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