Pet of the Week: Iron Warwolf

Disclaimer: This pet was found on the patch 6.2 PTR and is subject to change.

Wow, it’s been a while since we had one of these. Now that we’re starting to get new pets again, I thought it was time to resurrect this feature. Actually, this is the only new pet I’ve found so far on the 6.2 PTR and I think I did a fairly good sweep of Tanaan Jungle. But the PTR young and a lot could change.  Muffinus also hinted at new pets.

The Iron Warwolf may look familiar to you if you’ve been running Blackrock Foundry. It’s the same wolf pet that Beastlord Darmac uses! It was also seen at The Pit in Gorgrond, but those were level 101 and therefore couldn’t be tamed. These puppies are level 100 and are found at The Iron Front in western Tanaan Jungle (map).

Will they survive the PTR cycle? Let’s hope so. I remember being slightly concerned that the Savage Warwolf, which I originally featured early on in the WoD beta, wouldn’t make it because saddled pets were a rarity at the time. That one did make it in, so I’m pretty hopeful this one will stay tameable as well.

I also threw together a short 1 minute video of this pet, which you will find embedded below.

I will update this post if anything changes prior to 6.2’s release.

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18 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Iron Warwolf”

  1. ok so question i am alliance and i cant figure out how to get back to tanaan jungle when i google all i find is battle of the iron front quest but cant figure out how to get the quest

      1. Thank you! Unfortunately I’m pretty new to WoW and don’t think I can complete the raids required for that set yet lol. Any recommendations for a female hunter beast master transmog set? Something in the area of “wear wear you kill” as I saw you mention before.

        1. Gronnstalker is probably my favorite overall tier set, and you’re wearing Gronn parts so it qualifies 😀

          Dragonstalker, wearing dragon parts:
          Recolor of Dragonstalker:

          There’s also the classic beaststalker/beastmaster sets obtained through the darkmoon faire.

          1. Cool 🙂 thanks! I think I’ll go for gronnstalkers. Is there anyway to get that iron war wolf you have to match it? Can’t figure out how to get to Tanaan jungle where you tamed it lol

            1. It’s only on the PTR (public test realm) right now. Won’t be in the live game til patch 6.2 goes live (and assuming they don’t remove it).

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