Getting ready for patch 6.2

I think I’m just about ready.  Here’s a summary of my preparations.

  • Capped Apexis Crystals @ 60k
    • Plus an additional 9.6k from 12 completed Scouting Missives (won’t be turning them in until patch day when cap is removed).
    • Plus an additional 7.5k-10k from 36 Mage Tower work orders, which I won’t pick up until patch day.
  • Capped Garrison Resources
    • Plus additional from 36 Trading Post work orders to extend the cap.
    • Plus 500 waiting in the cache
  • Trading Post level 3 for the 20% rep gains.
  • Stables level 3 for increased mount speed, and immune to dismounting in Tanaan (seriously there’s a LOT of mobs, dismounting is common).
  • Inventory cleaned out as best I can (about 30 free slots)
  • About 60 augment runes
  • Fish for hundreds of +125 stat foods (both mastery and crit)
  • 4000 Primal Spirits which I plan to spend on Savage Bloods (their cost is being cut in half to 25 w/ the patch, which is why I saved them).
  • Lots of engineering and leatherworking materials (about 2k each)
  • Marksmanship set as one of my specs, crit enchants, gems, and scope acquired.

Stuff that isn’t done yet:

  • Addons. Ugh. I HATE having to update addons on patch day, it’s probably why I use as little of them as possible. Usually only a handful of them actually get updates on Tuesday, then it’s a game of seeing which ones work without updates.
    • Thankfully it looks like HandyNotes_DraenorTreasures has already been updated with Tanaan treasures and rares.
    • I’m seriously hoping Master Plan is updated for ship yards, or there’s another equivalent addon for the ship yard.
  • I didn’t pay enough attention to the ship yard on the PTR, and am mostly going in blind. Will have to read some guides as I don’t want to screw anything up. I don’t want any possibility of the legendary quest being delayed. Does anyone know of any guides that focus *specifically* on the legendary quest and the ship yard? All other missions are secondary to me til that’s done.
  • Marksmanship practice. MM is the new hotness and I’m a bit rusty. Did a fair amount of PTR dummy testing in Shattrath on the killable dummies, but that’s no substitute for actual raiding and maintaining Sniper Training. I’m used to hopping around like a coked-up rabbit… so that will probably be the biggest adjustment for me. I’ll have to make my Sniper Training weakaura large and intrusive.
  • Research fights more. I have a general idea about the first 10 bosses or so, but could definitely learn some more. I didn’t do any PTR testing on bosses.

Plans for day one:

  • Tame my Fel Wolf! (also see my video of other new 6.2 pets)
  • I have the day off, so I’m hoping the servers come up on time and I can spend a good amount of time getting a head start on things.
  • The ore trader won’t be up until Friday (on US realms), so I won’t be able to get a maxed out engineering gun before this week’s raiding. I currently still have a 685 weapon from BRF (it’s actually my lowest ilvl piece… damn weapons).
  • As a stopgap I plan on getting a Baleful Rifle and upgrading it to 695. If my adventures in Tanaan don’t yield any Baleful Armaments by raid time, I’ll be forced to buy one or two (until I get decent stats). It’s only a small gain over the BRF weapon, but it’s something. This is part of the reason I saved up enough Apexis to walk into the patch with 75k+ of them.
  • Will make killing the 4 champions a priority so I can start getting a stockpile of Oil (needed for naval missions). Hopefully my followers proc some oil missions too.
  • Raid Heroic Hellfire Citadel!  There’s a chance we may blitz through Normal on the first night, but chances are normals will be saved for optional weekend runs (mostly for tier pieces).

Looking to do your own prep? Wowhead has a huge 6.2 survival guide.



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8 thoughts on “Getting ready for patch 6.2”

  1. “I currently still have a 685 weapon from BRF”

    Same. 7 weeks of mythic maidens. NO GUN. EVEN FURNACE DEAD. NO XBOW. Holy crap, RNG hate. :/

    Good list Bendak. I still refuse to spec into MM though. Blech! My raid team will hate me, but I don’t care.

    1. I’m staying BM until I get 4pc T18 because I hate MM without an instant Focus dump ability. Honestly, the only thing I really found wrong with MM was that Aimed Shot was a cast and not instant. Sad that it takes 4pc T18 to correct this flaw. 😛

  2. Great list!

    For heroic raiding, is MM the go-to in 6.2 before getting the new 4-piece, or can I stay BM and not hurt my team? I’m confused by icy-veins still saying that BM has the best burst and single target, and it said it was updated. Thanks!

    1. According to Azortharion’s guide MM is the top spec for every fight before and after getting the 4pc.

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