The new Hunter pets of Patch 6.2 (video)

Patch 6.2 features 8 new hunter pet looks. There are no rares, but one of the new pets is a challenge tame — the Felbound Wolf. You can learn more about how to tame that in this post.

The video below will give you a quick look at 7 of the new looks. The 8th is a red worm pet only available if you’re on a particular part of the garrison campaign (I’m past it, so I couldn’t tame it for this video). However, if someone in your party has the quest you should be able to see the worm.

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So what do you think? I liked the green worm a lot more than I thought I would. It really stands out! I’m always a big fan of wolf pets so you won’t hear me complaining about those either. It’s nice to have a new challenge tame.

Below is also a gallery of the new pets. These images are from Petopia, and you can browse the new pets there as well.

Image source: Petopia

So, will any of these find their way into your stable on patch day?


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16 thoughts on “The new Hunter pets of Patch 6.2 (video)”

    1. I mentioned in the post that one has specific conditions in order to be able to tame, and I wasn’t able to since I had completed the quest.

  1. I think Strangepork, my current Felboar from Outlands, may be getting an upgrade! Great video as always. thanks!

  2. Actually there is one more new pet. According to ptr wowhead there is a rare dark green raptor in tanaan that is tameable.

  3. I know I’m getting both wolves and the Diresnout Felboar. I love that Iron Warwolf – reminds me of the Shadowmoon War Hound in Black Temple. 😀

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