New bits of Legion info, and going casual

It sure has been slow on the news front ever since the Legion announcement, eh? Blizzard wasn’t kidding when they said they’d be more tight-lipped about things this time around (can’t say I blame them after Warlords). We did get a few new tidbits of info today, and when I say “tidbits” I really mean that. This is all sourced from a live-tweeting of an unofficial WoW panel at Dragoncon.

It’s a bit of a silly way to disseminate information like this IMO, though I won’t complain about getting some new info. Here’s a rundown of the cool stuff. Keep in mind this is all obtained from secondhand tweets and can’t be taken as a promise or official information.


  • Survival is getting a harpoon ability to pull targets into melee range. Basically a DK grip but cooler because it’s like Scorpion. 😛 (source)
  • Survival is 100% going to be melee and they aren’t rethinking that decision. They understand some people will be upset but they think the diversity in gameplay is good. (source)
  • No other classes will be using ranged weapons any time soon. Rogues can stop hoping to use hunter weapons. 😛 (source)
  • No Gnome Hunters yet. “When it makes sense” … sorry, but when would it ever make sense? Just give it to us! 😀 (source)
  • Professions undergoing some major overhauls. Still can only equip 3 crafted pieces but you’ll still be able to upgrade them (though in a different manner). Profession cooldowns are mostly going away.
  • No new Major Glyphs, but existing ones should stay (source)
  • Multistrike is being removed. No mention of Survival’s new attunement stat. (source)
  • Upcoming transmog system may be account wide. Yay, now all my alt hunters will have a full suite of transmog gear! (source)
  • Some classes will have spec and resources renamed, but no word on Hunters in this regard. (source)

No new Major Glyphs is OK with me, but I hope this means they focus on making more cool minor glyphs.

Survival getting a DK grip is great for their utility, though I think I still would have preferred a grappling ability that pulled the Hunter towards the target instead.

Another thing that was briefly teased was something called “adventure mode.” We have to wait until BlizzCon to find out what that is as this will supposedly be the last “info dump” until then.

The Mythic HFC gun matched my transmog, but I don't think I'm holding it right...
The Mythic HFC gun matched my transmog, but I don’t think I’m holding it right…

Going Casual

I’m taking a break from serious raiding. I’m just not in the mythic progression mindset right now. I was happy enough clearing Heroic HFC, and getting a solid set of ilvl 715 average gear outside of mythic (though I did snag the mythic gun!). At this point I’m not sure if I’ll return to raiding before Legion. Maybe the bug will catch me in a few months, who knows? I needed the break after missing hardly any raid nights since the start of BRF back in February.

I am enjoying flying in Draenor and have taken it upon myself to level up one of my alts who was still at 90. Leveling with flying is insanely quick and actually a lot of fun.

I equipped all the heirlooms that give me XP bonus, along with my Garrosh bow and the Touch of the Void trinket. Firstly, let me say how OP this trinket is. It can easily do 50% of your DPS if all the tentacles are in range of your target. It’s so OP they won’t allow you to use it in current raids.

As for the leveling itself, it mostly consists of flying around and collecting treasures (which gives a huge amount of XP) and then doing my favorite quests in each zone. Yeah, playing this way will result in me hitting 100 with hardly any followers, but I don’t plan on playing the garrison at all on this toon. I’m just doing this for fun, and having more toons to do mount runs is never a bad thing. Once I hit 100 I plan on gearing him up purely with Timewalking dungeons.

These guys are stingy with their toy drops, but I got one.
These guys are stingy with their toy drops, but I got one.

My other goal is to get 200 toys for the Crashin’ Trashin’ title. I still have a way to go at 181 toys, so I probably won’t get it until Hallow’s End or Winter’s Veil. I’m behind on the toys from the Darkmoon Faire races, and there’s a few others I can work towards in the meantime. Then there’s plenty more coming with future holidays.

This is all stuff I have an interest in pursuing again now that all my WoW time isn’t spent raiding. Plus there’s so many games to play… Diablo 3, Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid 5, Dragon Age Inquisition DLC, and soon Fallout 4. I wouldn’t have time for raiding anyway! I’ll be back to it in Legion for sure though.

Mirror of the Blademaster, best trinket of the expansion
Mirror of the Blademaster, best trinket of the expansion

Lastly, if you follow the Hunting Party Podcast you probably noticed we skipped the last episode. Some of us were busy and it didn’t work out. Being light on news, we just decided to skip to the next one. This Sunday’s show should be happening for sure though, and we’ve got a few more things to talk about which is nice.

That’s all for now. Time to go be a filthy casual.


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13 thoughts on “New bits of Legion info, and going casual”

  1. Gnome Hunters make more sense than Tauren Paladins or Undead Holy Priests but maybe Blizzard is afraid it would make hunters even more popular (if that is possible). Also Gnome Hunters would upset the faction balance.

    I hope we can convince Blizzard to make a minor glyph for Harpoon to turn it into Grappling Hook. Would be good at the start of a fight. Let’s hope SV hunters don’t turn out to be exactly the same as Unholy DK’s but in mail and with cooler looking pets.

    Good to hear about the fast alt-leveling with flying. Was waiting for flying as well to level the a few alts.

  2. Hunter harpoon makes me think that Survival is going to become a tanking spec, which, as I’ve said before, would make a *lot* more sense than keeping it dps – no risk of it getting the top spot, no need for massive changes to our playstyles. Personally, I’m really hoping for a tanking spec, it will make soloing that much easier (though admittedly a tad less impressive), and will offer a pleasant new venue to explore without needing to reroll.

  3. Have not played D3 long enough but what make you think Transmog will be Accountwide?

    Upcoming transmog system may be account wide. Yay, now all my alt hunters will have a full suite of transmog gear! (source)

    -> When I read the source carefully it just implies, that you will no longer keep the items but instead unlock Skins for a kind of skin-picker UI…(like GW2 maybe?)..what is surely in the interest of Blizz:

    No lost item skins -> restoring is unecessary
    Less DB-Space -> just remember which skin is unlocked is easier then to remember which item ID (some skins are multiused)
    More Happy players due to more bagspace

    Sure Accountwide would be fun, but its rather not happening…blizzard wants you to achieve things with your certain character 🙂

    1. It was pretty ambiguous because of the tweets instead of an actual transcript. I’d say it’s not confirmed (that’s why I said “may be account wide”), but I’d also say it’s pretty likely. Simply because all of the other collections in game (mounts, pets, heirlooms, toys) are account wide systems. You mentioned that this could potentially save Blizzard DB space, and making it account wide is another way to do that.

      But as I wrote at the start of the post, none of this is confirmed in any way. It was an unofficial panel disseminated in the worst way possible. I’m still hopeful on the transmog bit though.

      1. Lets pray they do it like this! Would be awesome for people that carry multiple chars of the same class.
        Would be also freakin great to have some of the moggable items from my hunter on my shaman…you never know when a specific thing drops and so you would not miss out :)…

        But well for the moment I will deny that such a thing will ever come into reality. Blizzard has proven many times, that the only way the know to change mediocre things, was to an even worse situation than the opposite. I dont want to complain, I am a Classic/BC fan myself and the game has just lost its character (or lets say most things that came into the game never got an own character) over the course of the years…its now as good as any MMO. The only reason I play wow is my romantic feeling of old and the fact that I like the art style, the universe as long as they dont medle too much…

        I am not sure how to feel for Legion. I started RP shortly and I seems that Blizz has removed a big portion here in the past Addons and I think it will cause alot of big waves through the server community when the DH hit the major RP-Spots…they just make no sense.

        From a Warcraft-Fan perspective I really like to see DH in action and I am happy for the new Addons setting, as this was what I was hoping for since Cata ended. And Survival getting back to melee is the best news I heard for a long time.

  4. You can’t tell me no Gnome ever got tired of the grind in Tinkertown, made a gun, befriended a badger and became a hunter!! That makes as much sense any other class being hunters…. 🙁

      1. If we can kill a big animal, we can tame one. Size doesn’t matter, any Gnome can tell you that! 😉 Also, it would be awesome to tame a big ass Clefthoof and be able to use him as a mount when you aren’t doing battle as well. This could be for any race though. I know my Clefthoof and Rhino pets especially would be big enough to ride on my Worgen. Even a Core Hound would be a good mount/pet combo! 🙂

  5. I said this on the Brew Hall. I think they got the whole specs backwards. I think it does make people upset, think of someone who has a rhok bow and they are SV4life but now they can’t even transmog their bow anymore. I’d be upset and that forces them to either be BM or MM for their bow.

    Honestly I think much of the chances are base off how things went in Warlords which honestly isn’t the best data to go off from. I’d love to see BM go melee, but also still be able to use range weapons but add dueling daggers or swords. Using them wouldn’t do anything but effect the look of your character. Using a sword over a bow wouldn’t effect your dps and honestly at ever level for your spec all weapons you could use should be equal. Like if a bow drops a gun and crossbow should drop too with the same stats. Just an opinion there.

    I’m also glad Multistrike is going away, it was just confusing and not needed. I think they should just go simple and not try to keep adding things after they removed something else. Like reforging;

  6. I would like the option of Gnome hunters, because HUNTERS! But I’d probably welcome something more *out there* like Pandaren Druids, because PANDA FORM! So many tantalising options that Blizzard can offer us (given the absence of new playable races etc) – and yet, they resist, and make us want them even more 🙂

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