Scalehide and Oxen pets come to Legion, plus the first tameable Mechanical pets

The first Legion taming pass is here! This round brings us some new pets that Hunters have been requesting for years. We now have a total of 3 new pet families in Legion: Oxen, Scalehide, and Mechanical. Future Survival Hunters will be happy to know that none of them are Exotic families. In addition, we have Sand Reavers added to the Silithid family, and some new Mana Wyrms for the Serpent family.



The first new family is the Oxen, which includes Yaks from Pandaria, Shoveltusks from Northrend, and the new Musken from the Broken Isles. They currently have no ability assigned to them, but that’s normal because most non-exotic pets have nothing right now (all raid buffs are gone in Legion).

Click here to view a preliminary list of Oxen on Petopia.



Scalehides include Kodos, Mushan, and Stegodon/Thunder Lizards. Kodos have received a model and texture update for Legion and they look pretty good. Mushan are from Pandaria and even have some matching mounts. The Stegodons and Thunder Lizards are quite dated though, being original models from 2004. Some people will be OK with that, and remember the only reason Blizzard added them is because players requested it. Like Oxen, there’s no special ability for Scalehides yet.

Click here to view a preliminary list of Scalehides on Petopia.



A few Mechanicals are currently tameable on alpha if your Hunter is a Gnome or Goblin. Other races will be able to tame them after getting a Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix from an engineer. You may have noticed in the header image that there is even a special graphic when taming a mechanical. Blizzard has stated that some Mechanical pets will be taming challenges, requiring you to do something special before you can actually tame them. So far I was able to tame a couple of mechano striders and a mech chicken. There is also a mech bunny that gnomes start out with at level 1. A mech dog has also been datamined. I’m looking forward to seeing this family expand as the alpha/beta continues!

Click here to view a preliminary list of Mechanicals on Petopia.


Other new pets

Sand Reavers have been added to the Silithid family. The one you see above is the first boss in the Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj raid. You can expect these to be scaled down in size before Legion launches.

Mana Wyrms have also been added to the Serpent family. These float in the air like the Arcane Wyrms we can already tame.

Click here to view a preliminary list of Mana Wyrms and Sand Reavers on Petopia.

So it begins…

This is only the beginning, I hope! High up on my want list are pterrorwings and gyreworms. Oh, and some new tameable raid bosses. Thok? Tortos? Iron Juggernaut? Make it so! There’s plenty of others I’d like to see as well. Check out this post from last year where I go over some of them. As you can see, many of them have already made the cut for Legion!

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16 thoughts on “Scalehide and Oxen pets come to Legion, plus the first tameable Mechanical pets”

  1. What I would love/pay/kill to see is Hunters being able to tame our own mounts, whether that be our racial mounts (well, for most races anyway) or a special mount just for hunters. If we can tame a companion to fight and die by our sides, it makes sense to me that we should be able to tame a mount as well. It would make an awesome class specific quest,

    1. Tameable mounts.. I remember seeing forums threads begging for that 10 years ago. A year ago if you said this I would say there’s no chance of it ever happening. But I would have also said there’s no chance of a melee Hunter spec, or making mechanicals tameable… so who knows what the fututure holds. They’ll have to constantly keep upping their game to keep people interested in WoW.

      I’m just imagining how cool it would be if you are mounted on your pet, you press Kill Command to start combat, you backflip launch off your pet as it charges in, and start shooting mid-air before you even land. Bad ass.

      1. Apart from modeling/animation issues which I think the main reason why we don’t get tameable mounts is that it would give hunters an unfair advantage when it comes to collecting mounts and other classes would also start requesting class specific mounts.

        1. Ha, I mainly meant a class specific mount for Hunters, much in the same vein as Locks, Pallys, and DKs, except that it would be a quest where we would go out into the wild to find and “tame” it (I guess it might be too similar to the Garrison Stables mount quests now). But after visualizing my toon launching off the back of a charging mount/pet, that’s got my vote!

    2. If they ever revive the idea of class mounts, this would be the obvious choice for hunters. I hadn’t given this much thought but now having read this I really want it to happen 😛 pls Blizz, make it so!

      Super excited to see the new families. I have wanted to tame a Kun-Lai yak since I first laid eyes on one!

  2. I’m really excited about these new tames, especially the Kurinaxx model. *_* And KODO, and the shoveltusks, and it’s all awesome.

    I still want an updated model for hyenas, though, and for those hideous Legion bears to not look that way.

    1. Yes, they look pretty cool! I was just posting stuff that can actually be tamed as of the current build. I’ll have more posts as they add more tameables. The wolf, eagle, and feathered raptors seem like a given. Not sure what that hydra/wolf thing is. If it’s not a hydra I’m not sure what family it could fit under.

    1. So far not much noise at all, chicken clucks when you poke him, but other than that they don’t make any noise at all.

  3. Would like to have a devilsaur mount that I could send into combat. Or..maybe a raptor riding a devilsaur who is straddling two direhorns so when I press stampede they all charge together…and hey why not have a pterrodax or two swoop in on the fun as well.

  4. Found Sentient Mechanstrider in Gnomergan… now to tame. He is in the area below the The Clean Zone, The Dormitory I think it is called, you need the prismatic card to enter. Think he scales to your lvl. I am lvl 100 and so is he.

    Did the normal tame and don’t work… some other mechanics involved I am sure 🙂

    Wish I had more time, I have to get to work, Another find and another to let someone else find out mechanics of how to tame 🙂

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