So-long, Legion

It’s always easy for me to tell how much I enjoyed an expansion just by looking at the percentage of my main character’s time /played spent in it. Vanilla still holds the top spot in terms of raw hours, but Legion has actually moved to second place. Does that mean it’s my favorite expansion? Hmm, not sure. Ask me again in 5 years. One thing is for sure, there was usually a lot of stuff to do, with the exception of the last 6 months or so when my time playing slowly devolved into raiding and a weekly +15 only, then only to raiding, then to nothing… but I suppose that’s normal for any expansion.

I like the artifact weapons (but not how they locked me into one spec for so long). I liked Mythic+. I liked the raids (especially Nighthold — Tomb of Sargeras not so much). I like the gameplay of swapping out legendaries to do different things, but I did not like the acquisition method. Speaking of legendaries, I was pretty lucky (at least luckier than most) so I was pretty happy about that. My second legendary was the BM belt, back when it was pretty transformative. And my 5th legendary was the shoulders, very shortly after they came out in the patch. Those were so good they changed the whole spec in the end. But when those dropped, it might have been my most exciting moment. Back then, they really did unlock a whole new spec.

I disliked Titanforging and the endless chase for that gear. Warforging is OK, but Titanforging is dumb. I disliked all that time I spent farming relinquished trinkets so I could get an Arcanocrystal. I eventually did get it after 200+ tokens farmed and it was not exciting, just relieving. Shortly after I got a 965 Shadow-singed Fang that was almost as good. Ugh. So I hope there are no broken world boss-only trinkets this time. Speaking of trinkets, I hope they make the dungeon ones scale well so that when you get them in M+ they aren’t automatically thrown in the trash. In general, I hope they make the M+ more viable (but I’m still fine with some special stuff being in raids only).

Raid difficulty on Mythic was too high (Emerald Nightmare not included of course). Average Mythic guilds shouldn’t need to pull some bosses 500 times in my opinion. I thought Nighthold difficulty was pretty close to perfect, but Tomb of Sargeras was ridiculous, as were some of the bosses in Antorus. There’s a difference between having hard content to aspire to, and what we got in Legion. There is a middle ground somewhere and I hope Blizzard finds it.

As for the Hunter class itself… well, I think Beast Mastery is in a fairly good place at the moment. The main issue I have with it is there are a lot of dead talents. The best build can be used for every situation because so many talents are under-tuned or outright worthless. Marksmanship is looking pretty good (better than Legion IMO) and Survival is also pretty fun. Survival may be a bit too mindless though… it went from being pretty complex to the easiest Hunter spec (IMO).  There is a middle ground, Blizzard! A lack of legendaries and shared artifact power means I hope to take advantage of playing multiple specs more often. But of course I’m starting as Beast Mastery.

I don’t have much else to say except I thought Legion was one of the best expansions yet, and I hope Battle for Azeroth is better. I really don’t know what to expect from BFA, so much of it seems up in the air.

As I type this, the new expansion is launching in 4 hours. My bags are empty. My legendaries (except for two) are all sitting in void storage. I blew all my bloods of sargeras on mats to make like 700 Gunshoes so I can go really fast (because why not?). Fun fact: That’s 35 hours of using them on cooldown nonstop. I’m gonna go fast between those world quests. I’m listing my 1000th or so stack of Goblin Gliders on the AH. Then I’ll go take the dog for a nice long walk, eat something, then prepare for a nice marathon of WoW. I’m not going to be doing the speed leveling thing where I use an addon to auto accept and skip everything, and tell me exactly where to go. In the grand scheme of things, whether I level in 6 hours or 12 hours doesn’t really matter. It’s going to be quick either way. I’ll be able to get my first Mythic0 resets done regardless. The raid is 3 weeks away. I’ll enjoy it (and maybe use that method for an alt instead).

Have fun in BFA and thanks for reading this far.

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5 thoughts on “So-long, Legion”

  1. I hhhhhhhhated Legion for the longest time. I went into it mad about the changes to hunters, I thought the class halls were impersonal and boring, I was furious about being forced into LFR for story quests and into dungeons (including mythics) to advance certain profession things. I’m less salty now, but Legion’s still way down on my list, possibly at the very bottom. I’m glad other people enjoyed it so much, but I really didn’t, and spent lots of time sulking in my Draenor garrison (my absolute favorite place to be in the game). So far BfA’s going much better for me, at least!

    1. Me, too, for the most part! I am definitely happier with my hunter in BfA. She’s definitely more engaging to play than in Legion. I’ve started my journey in Stormsong Valley. It’s gorgeous there!

      Have fun, everyone! For Azeroth! 🙂

  2. Legion let me experience, arguably, the most arduous challenge tame yet. When going into the instance the first time and just seeing him and wishing i could tame him, to finding out you can and how, then going and putting 50+ tries into soloing a Mythic, get to him and in the loot was the legendary I wanted the most – Apex Predator’s Claw. Not much else compares to the feeling of getting through a challenging solo boss fight getting your choice legendary. I will wear it until 116 where it will remain in my bag to remind me of how much fun i had in Legion as a whole.

  3. I liked legion on some aspects and not so much on others. I loved the concept of artifact weapons and the different skins you could get for doing different content. However, I wasn’t a big fan of most of the BM hunter skins (besides the snake crossbow). Feel like it was a little bit of a let down. loved the class fantasy and how we acquired our weapons , each spec was different. Loved the mage tower, even though it was enraging. I loved Nightborne story, even when it was time gated, it had at least an hour or 2 of story before we had to wait a week. But on the broken shore it was a pointless gather quest and then wait a week for more story that lasted 10 min it seemed. I liked the hunter lodge but half the time it felt impersonalized, i guess if you had the old gear sets, it made it more personal when you could display them. I felt like i was only going there to get my mythic cache and do garrison quests. Towards the end, i didn’t do either and it felt like the same world quests constantly, I didn’t feel like i was working towards anything. I felt like the AP grind was boring. In the beginning unlocking traits and leveling traits up to 3 or 4 was a goal, but after that, it felt like a pointless grind with no goal. I enjoyed the raids. I know the Sargeous raid was long for the world firsts but i actually liked it because it felt like it was anyone’s game, even the Asian countries when they started super far behind. That made it exciting but i can understand how it was tedious for the high rated guilds and a lot of pressure was on them for the AP grind and alts grind and specs grind which is why lots fell apart.All in all, i felt it was a really good expansion to keep us engaged but still had its problems. I believe blizzard has learned a lot from this expansion and i hope they take it with them moving forward.

  4. Legion to me felt too much like work. I learned to hate the AP grind and it felt pointless when they kept adding more to it. I did like the Nightborne story line and I made a NB hunter as soon as I was able. In the end when I think about it, the things I disliked outweigh the things I did and puts Legion at the middle of the pack for me. Wrath is still my favorite. BFA on the other hand feels fun in every respect, in the questing, the dungeons and the War story line. And there’s more humor in the game. When I’ve talked to some of my guildies they’ve said the same thing, it feels more fun.

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