Hydras confirmed!

In a time with so little WoW news being released, little tidbits like this really get me excited. WoW Designer @Muffinus tweeted a pic of a Hydra standing beside a hunter, and confirmed it is indeed a tamed pet. Earlier this month, he asked hunters what they’d like to see for hunter pets in Warlords. Several hunters (including myself) reiterated how much we want to see Hydras. It seems our wish has been granted.

Hydras already have a pet family skill in the game with Bellowing Roar, but this could change before release. You may be wondering why do they have a skill if they aren’t tamable yet? Back in Wrath, there was a bug that allowed hunters to tame a ghostly hydra from a daily quest. Once tamed, this hydra acted as a pet from the Crocolisk family, but Blizzard later switched these pets officially to Hydra in patch 4.1. There are very few of them still out in the wild. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never even seen one.

I tamed one of them back in the day, but with only a handful of stable slots available at the time, I distinctly remember abandoning it for a spirit beast. I’ve regretted it ever since, but now it seems I’ll finally get my Hydra back! Petopia has a list of all the Hydras in the game so you can start planning your tames for the 6.0 patch now!

Next on my pet wish list? Pterodactyls!


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2 thoughts on “Hydras confirmed!”

  1. I love when we can tame new pets, and I know that we need them for all the assorted buffs, but its always seems like such a short thrill, because after a few weeks of running with my brand-new hydra/direhorn/quillen, I’m always back to running with my hyena I’ve had since level 35. I welcome any increase in the number of tames we can have, because I know there is always someone who will want that specific pet (especially in this case), but this isn’t quite so exciting for me, because I have my trusty companion and that’s all I need.

    This is probably why I want the hunter pet stable – so I can see all these pets I tamed and then forgot about.

    That said, if they ever add ptamable pterodactyls I’m totally getting one even if it just sits at the stable master.

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