Pet of the Week: Aotona

This week’s pet is one of my favorite birds, Aotona. You can find this Bird of Prey in Sholazar Basin, so if you’re looking for King Krush or Loque’nahak, it’s definitely worth flying by Aotona’s spawn points as well.

Aotona is still the only bird to use the “blue parrot” skin. Like many other birds, she also has the Trick ability which makes her do a loop. See here for a gif of it in action. We need more pets with trick abilities if you ask me! Fox pets can dance for their trick, so why not give bears and cats the ability to dance as well? There’s already animations available from the druid forms!

Check Wowhead for the spawn point map if you’re interested in this birdy, and click here to see previous pets of the week.

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