Hunter Transmog: The Gunslinger

This transmog was submitted by Fooque of Ner’zhul-US. He calls it the “Gunslinger” and here’s what he had to say about it:

This one begins with the “Straw Hat”. This hat can be purchased in any material once you reach exalted with The Tillers and achieve “Best Friends” with Old Hillpaw. I like things that are a little quirky so with my “Farmer” title I set out to find a proper farmer transmog. I wanted pieces that looked as “leathery” as possible. I also wanted to show off the red Lumberjack Shirt which required using a vest for the chest piece and minimizing the shoulders. After a number of trials, I settled on the Talhide pieces (same look as Netherstorm) for the bulk of the transmog. It’s all brown and leathery. I chose the Boneweave Girdle for the belt. It seems perfect with its big shiny buckle and the darker color syncs nicely with the darker brown of the shoulders and the hat.

I’ve always preferred bows but when I found how perfectly the Magnetized Projectile Emitter fit with the look, I had to go with the gun. The gold, reds and brown of the gun mesh nicely with the reds of the shirt and the gold trim throughout. And with the gun, the “farmer” look I had set out to create became a “gunslinger” look.

This type of transmog isn’t really my style (I enjoy the bulkier armor), but I know many people prefer transmogs without impractically large, glowing shoulder pads. I’m glad Fooque submitted this so the site’s transmog section can be a little more varied and not just focused on what’s sitting in my bank.

Helm: Straw Hat
Shoulders: Talhide or Netherstorm – Burning Crusade raid trash
Chest: Talhide or Netherstorm – Burning Crusade raid trash
Tabard: none
Shirt: Red Lumberjack Shirt (tailoring)
Gloves: Talhide or Netherstorm – Burning Crusade raid trash
Belt: Boneweave Girdle – Essence of Anger, Black Temple
Legs: Talhide or Netherstorm – Burning Crusade raid trash
Boots: Talhide or Netherstorm – Burning Crusade raid trash
Weapon: Magnetized Projectile Emitter, XT-002 Deconstructor, Ulduar 10-player

I’ve put this set together in a Wowhead item comparison so you can quickly view it on other races in 3D (click the little triangle above the item icons).


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3 thoughts on “Hunter Transmog: The Gunslinger”

  1. Now to figure out how to stick all of that into a WoWhead profile thingy so I can see how it looks on a dwarf. After going all-in on the Alliance/Horde war this expansion, with vanilla PvP armor, a Knight’s tabard and using gryphons the whole time, I’m very much in the market for something different.

  2. I’m definitely considering using Talhide transmog on one of my alts. I wonder how a Rustic Workman’s Shirt would look with it? I loved the idea of the Straw Hat when I first heard of it, but I’m still grumpy about the big paw print on it.

  3. Nice matching composition! A rustic shirt would work for sure, though you’d loose on the red accents. As long as you dont need that to match other parts of the set you should be fine…

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