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Hunter Transmog: The Mercenary

I was going for a “gun for hire” vibe with this transmog. I had a lot of fun putting it together. Most of the pieces aren’t too hard to find, though some of the green items will probably cost you. The whole set can be completed solo.

No matter how many times I kill Flame Leviathan (25m) I can never get the goggles to drop, which I think would also go well with this transmog as an alternative to the eye patch. Both are pretty cool options. I chose the Rifle of the Stoic Guardian over Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle because it’s more compact and fits better with the theme of the set, though the rifle would go well with it too (what transmog doesn’t that rifle go with?).

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Hunter Transmog: The Gunslinger

This transmog was submitted by Fooque of Ner’zhul-US. He calls it the “Gunslinger” and here’s what he had to say about it:

This one begins with the “Straw Hat”. This hat can be purchased in any material once you reach exalted with The Tillers and achieve “Best Friends” with Old Hillpaw. I like things that are a little quirky so with my “Farmer” title I set out to find a proper farmer transmog. I wanted pieces that looked as “leathery” as possible. I also wanted to show off the red Lumberjack Shirt which required using a vest for the chest piece and minimizing the shoulders. After a number of trials, I settled on the Talhide pieces (same look as Netherstorm) for the bulk of the transmog. It’s all brown and leathery. I chose the Boneweave Girdle for the belt. It seems perfect with its big shiny buckle and the darker color syncs nicely with the darker brown of the shoulders and the hat.

I’ve always preferred bows but when I found how perfectly the Magnetized Projectile Emitter fit with the look, I had to go with the gun. The gold, reds and brown of the gun mesh nicely with the reds of the shirt and the gold trim throughout. And with the gun, the “farmer” look I had set out to create became a “gunslinger” look.

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Hunter Transmog: Howling Beast

The Howling Beast armor is the ultimate transmog for hunters who like the “wear what you kill” style of armor. I’m going to tell you up front that you need to get a gold medal in all 9 of the Mists of Pandaria challenge mode dungeons in order to earn it. If you’ve been thinking about getting this set, you will have to do so before the 6.0 patch drops and it is removed from the game. My guess is that means you have until about July-August, but that’s just a wild guess. It may seem insurmountable, but it’s definitely not. I previously wrote a couple of challenge mode guides at WoW Insider you may be interested in — Hunter specific, and a general getting started guide. In short, gear is not the barrier. Practice and finding a good team is.¬† Check out OpenRaid if you don’t have any friends interested.

A unique feature of the challenge mode armor sets is they all have visual effects that activate when you attack. In the case of Howling Beast, this manifests as flames coming out of the shoulders and a laser sight coming out of the helm.

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Hunter Transmog: Shado-Pan Hunter

This transmog gives your hunter that leather look, and all of the pieces are extremely easy to acquire. It was built around the Shado-Pan hat, and the only real wild card here is the bow. There’s a good chance you may have completed the quest and unintentionally trashed the bow if you did any leveling in Zul’Drak, but there is a green BoE version that you may be lucky to find on the AH. I’m open to suggestions on the cloak as it’s not something I traditionally use since I hate when weapons clip through it.

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