Hunter Transmog: The Mercenary

I was going for a “gun for hire” vibe with this transmog. I had a lot of fun putting it together. Most of the pieces aren’t too hard to find, though some of the green items will probably cost you. The whole set can be completed solo.

No matter how many times I kill Flame Leviathan (25m) I can never get the goggles to drop, which I think would also go well with this transmog as an alternative to the eye patch. Both are pretty cool options. I chose the Rifle of the Stoic Guardian over Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle because it’s more compact and fits better with the theme of the set, though the rifle would go well with it too (what transmog doesn’t that rifle go with?).

Helm: Malefactor’s Eye Patch (alt: Steamworker’s Goggles)
Shoulder: Knight’s Pauldrons
Chest: Knight’s Breastplate
Shirt: White Swashbuckler’s Shirt
Gloves: Sentry’s Gloves
Belt: Champion’s Girdle
Legs: Talhide Lined-Leggings
Feet: Talhide Lined-Boots (alt: Champion’s Greaves)
Weapon: Rifle of the Stoic Guardian (alt: Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle)

I’ve put this set together in a Wowhead item comparison so you can quickly view it on other races in 3D (click the little triangle above the item icons).

If you’re going after the gun, here’s the TL;DR version: Kill Najentus, Kill Supremus, go inside and take a right, then take a left and follow the path up the stairs to Teron Gorefiend who drops the gun.

The BoE pieces can run up to 1k gold apiece depending on your realm’s market. You may get lucky like me and snag a few for a measly 5g before the transmog flippers get their hands on them.


Got a cool hunter transmog to show off?

Submit it, along with a complete item list and a link to a high-resolution screenshot or two, and I may feature it on the site!

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10 thoughts on “Hunter Transmog: The Mercenary”

  1. Excellent transmog. I’m a big fan of simple, less bulky transmogs. I just bought the pieces and will give this one a go. Thanks!

  2. What about Fiery Beholder Eye ( as replacement for a head piece? I think it’s pretty neat for this xmog.

  3. Also with the [Sentry’s Gloves] being some of the shortest mail gloves available, you can see almost the entirety of your [Wristwraps of the Howling Beast] which may be worth adding to this list. They looks great though, they really suits this mog 🙂

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