Rapid Fire is back, Flaming Shots is gone, and Bear Trap is coming!

Leave it to Blizzard to release some new info mere minutes after I make a post about abilities I’m going to miss (one of them being Rapid Fire).

  • Rapid Fire returning as marksmanship only is great. It makes the most sense for a spec that will be hardcasting most of their shots. Lots of hunters were suggesting this and it seems like Blizzard listened. It didn’t feel good to have a spec with zero active cooldown abilities.
  • Bear Trap was first seen in the Wrath of the Lich King beta but it never made it to live servers. It rooted the target and caused a bleed. Not sure if it will be the same here or something completely new. Here is an old video from the beta showing it.  One of its secondary effects better be the ability to trap feral druids! Seriously though, let’s hope it’s a survival-only cooldown. With the CC reductions, I have trouble believing they plan on adding another CC spell, even if it is only for one spec. It would also be pretty redundant with Entrapment.
  • Flaming Shots was boring for a level 100 talent, and only seemed suited to one spec, so this is good news.

Can’t wait to hear about Bear Trap and the Flaming Shots replacement. HUNTER NEWS! So exciting. I’ll be updating all the relevant WoD posts with this info.


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8 thoughts on “Rapid Fire is back, Flaming Shots is gone, and Bear Trap is coming!”

  1. The old wrath version of bear trap (stun+bleed) doesn’t make much sense unless it replaces freezing/snake trap so I wonder what it will actually do.

  2. Slow + Bleed makes a lot of sense for bear trap. I would be like Bloodbath for warriors. I really wish they would replace focus fire for BM with something more interesting.

  3. What would you consider SV’s active CD to be? It seems to me SV has 0 active CDs as well, and no execute to boot. I see SV being a severely underplayed spec in WoD for this reason: no CD for burst and no execute. Except in the case of BM and MM both being extremely poorly tuned, I cannot at this point imagine SV being remotely competitive. This makes me really sad.

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