Pet of the Week: Sparkwing

The spiked wind serpents only had a couple colors available prior to Mists of Pandaria even though there were other unused colors in the game files for years. Blizzard remedied this by scattering a bunch of new rares in 5.1 and 5.2 to get some of those colors in the wild.

Sparkwing, pictured above, is the only wind serpent to use the blue/white skin. It spawns at about 59,86 inside a cave in Stonetalon Mountains. As with most old world rares added in Mists, its respawn time seems to average around 3-4 hours. Wind Serpents have Lightning Breath (magic vulnerability) as their special ability, and it’s going to stay the same in Warlords.

You may also remember this blue guy from the T15 2-piece bonus that summoned a Thunderhawk (which always seemed to shoot the wrong target, am I right?).

These are the other unique wind serpents added in Mists:


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3 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Sparkwing”

  1. Sparkwing isn’t actually unique. There are blue/white wind serpents in Grizzly Hills and Sethekk Halls too; Just follow the wowhead link and see the wind serpent family. Chiaa is unique though.

    Many rares added to the old world in MoP was to make existing models available to lower level hunters, although quite a few was unique and very nice too.

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