Pet of the Week: Chromaggus

There’s a lot of hunter art out there, but the above “Taming Chromaggus” piece is, without a doubt, my favorite. Taming raid bosses is a rite of passage for any hunter. It’s all the more special if it’s a boss you’ve faced in the past when it was relevant content. Next on the list of tameable raid bosses is going to be Chimaeron in patch 6.0. I’m so ready.

Chromaggus is a Core Hound pet found in Blackwing Lair (level 60 raid) and at level 90 there’s really no trick to taming him. He’s the second last boss of the instance. Razorgore is the biggest obstacle (some people still have trouble soloing that one). If you’re currently farming Dragonstalker armor, you will need to give up a chance at the shoulders because if you tame this guy, he’s obviously not going to drop any loot.


There is an alternative option with Chromehound, a level 49 Chromaggus lookalike who patrols inside Blackrock Mountain. He’s a rare spawn, so you’ll have to camp or get lucky to find him. Simply going into Blackwing Lair for the big daddy version is probably quicker.

While you’re in Blackwing Lair, keep an eye out for a few of the coolest ranged weapons in the game for transmog. They all have fairly low drop rates (about 10%), so it could take you a while.


The artist responsible for that amazing “Taming Chromaggus” art has a blog here. Click here to view previous pets of the week.

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6 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Chromaggus”

  1. May be a daft question, im new to 90 hunter life, do you have to be BM to get these pets of the week?

    1. Only if they are exotic, and in the case Core Hounds are indeed exotic. Not all of the pets I’ve featured are exotic though. I’ll try to remember to mention that in the future when it’s an exotic pet. Check out petopia which lists what families are exotic:

      1. Excellent, so I can go tame some then 🙂 another question though, when i try to tame new pets it says i have 5 laready, I take i just head to the nearest stable master and put them in the stable to free up more space? whats the maximum i can?

        Thanks again for the fast response 🙂

        1. Your stable can hold 50 pets, so yeah just go to any Stable Master and drag some over into the stable to free up room on your 5 active pet slots.

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