Pet of the Week: Toucans! (aka Axebeaks)

Don’t ask me how the physics work here or how those tiny wings can support such a front-heavy bodyweight which is apparently 90% beak, 10% feathers. Let’s just hope your group or raid needs a versatility buff at some point so you have more excuses to use these adorable freaks of nature.

Toucans (officially called Axebeaks, a fitting name) are part of the Bird of Prey family. They bring Tenacity (not to be confused with the pet spec), and Trick, which you can use to make them do loops at your side.

They come in four colors. Here’s a short video.

You can find the toucans in both Gorgrond and the Tanaan intro zones. They’ll likely be the first new hunter pet you encounter in Warlords. They’re pretty much everywhere in Tanaan.


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