Hunting Party Podcast Episode 202: Sim City

This week we talk about the upcoming patch 6.0.2, the current state of hunters in the beta, talents, and answer some listener questions.

The show is broadcast live on Twitch TV every other Sunday at 10 a.m. ET (14:00 GMT). In addition to the live show you can find it at:

Episode 203 will air live on Sunday, October 26 along with a special guest to discuss hunter PvP in Warlords.

If you want to send in a question for a future show, email or tweet @HuntingPartyPod on Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Hunting Party Podcast Episode 202: Sim City”

  1. Hey, just glad to see your contributions appearing on wow insider a bit again. Is it on a per article fill in basis? Or are things looking good once more?

    1. I’m back as just a regular contributor. Not hunter specific. General news, guides, etc… but I shall sneak in hunter stuff from time to time, like the pet guide I put up there.

      1. Congrats! It bothered me how short your inital stay was. Glad ya stuck with your own site too of course. Have a good one!

  2. Is the talk of boycotting survival in WoD an effort to push Blizzard to equal it out or is it because you guys don’t want to see so many hunters struggling with it?

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