The 20 new pets I’m taming in Warlords of Draenor

I kept putting it off, but I finally did it with patch 6.0 only a few days away. I made room in my pet stable for some new pets in Warlords.

From 55 pets to 35 pets, and here’s the proof…


I abandoned sent 20 pets out to pasture. I went through all of the new pets coming in 6.0 and decided I wanted to tame 20 of them for my collection. “Only” 20. The good news is, most of the pets I deleted gently released weren’t rares, or if they were then I made sure they weren’t difficult to find ones. I have all the spirit beasts and didn’t send any of them to the farm. Same deal with the ultra rare ones like King Krush or Aotona, or my pair of oil-stained wolves (one of them is a backup if I ever lose the oil coat).

The New Pets

Here’s my preliminary list of 20 new pets (in alphabetical order). Most of these choices were based on aesthetics, I already have all buffs covered in some form. Much thanks to Petopia for the images. Mousing over or clicking will tell you the exact name of the tameable beast.

As you can see, I’m a huge fan of the clefthooves. I think they might be my favorite overall pet family. The Iron Horde Battlebeast also matches the hunter challenge mode armor pretty well. I’ll use Banthar in his place for 6.0.2 probably.

If I had to narrow it down to a top 5, I think it would be (in no particular order):

  1. Gara
  2. Iron Horde Battlebeast
  3. Savage Warwolf
  4. Teroclaw Chick
  5. Chimaeron

Don’t forget I have a detailed guide on how to tame Gara as well as some tips for taming Chimaeron at both 90 and 100.

It’s just too bad the awesome teroclaws are Carrion Birds (the grounded ones should’ve been raptors!). Same with Riverbeasts. Both families only have the Mortal Wounds (reduced healing) debuff. Those will end up being pets I’ll only use if the group has all the buffs covered, or just for fun out of combat.

Here’s a video I did earlier introducing the new pet families. I don’t cover all the pets of each one, but it will give you a decent overview. Plus, lots of cool scenery and music!

You can also check out the Pet of the Week feature for more new pets coming in Warlords.

Also remember that Stags, Clefthooves, and Hydras will be available to tame in the 6.0.2 prepatch.

Good luck with any stable purging you may have to do. It’s not easy. Hey, Blizz, how about some more stable slots? 😛

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41 thoughts on “The 20 new pets I’m taming in Warlords of Draenor”

  1. i still have about 25 slots left.. still trying to get the elusive spirit wolf in twilight highlands…. but cant wait for WoD especially Gara and those war wolves.. SO EXCITED !!

  2. Are stags and talbuks still tameable? I see no mention of them in the Blizz patch notes or the pre-patch guide at WoWhead. Next to hydras, stags were the thing I was most looking forward to taming. I’m really hoping their conspicuous absence from the patch notes is just an oversight…

  3. 1) With the massive influx of changes coming next Tuesday, will we be able to tame Hydras on Pre-Patch day or is that implementation only active upon November 13’s release.

    2) Has anybody confirmed the BMAH taking a hiatus break: October 14th-November 13th? That would be unfortunate if true; although I would understand Madam Goya’s decision to get to Draenor a bit early.

    1. 1. Hydras, Clefthooves, and Stags — all available in the pre-patch.

      2. I heard it’s indeed going away until Warlords. Its new home is in the new Nagrand

  4. Would be awesome if we could learn and unlearn our pets their buffs, based on some quest or training… Teroclaw chick really is my 100% favorite, but with no buffs it will be hard for this min/maxer to bring it out… especially for solo play. Devilsaur, silithid, spirit beast and shale spider make short notice of most other pets buff-wise

  5. I guess I’m just not that excited about anything in WoD. I’ll tame Gara to add to my spirit beast collection and I’ll tame a talbuk since they are one of my favorite ground mounts, but that’s about all I’m interested in. I’ll maybe pick up a couple others just because, but I have a lot of stable slots open still.

  6. I had to release a lot of my pets back to the wild too. But I am excited for the new pets being released in WoD. Gara, for sure, will be my favorite pet. It was just great to see the hunter community work together to solve the mystery shrouded around her. So to me, it makes Gara much more special.

    Once the pre-patch hits Tuesday, I plan to tame Chimaeron then head off to Netherstorm to tame the black Talbuk. Though it’s an old pet, I wanted to tame the black fox from Redridge Mountains, but still not sure if the multistrike buff is still bugged.

    Then once we step foot in Draenor, I’ll only be adventuring with my tanking shale spider for leveling, leaving four empty slots to tame on the go. I want to tame the rare rylak in SMV, but not sure how successful I’ll be with that during the first day. Probably would have to come back later to him once people start moving on to other zones. I also can’t wait to tame the armored wolf in Nagrand.

    I think this is one of the greatest perks of being a hunter. Having new pets to tame just makes me happy!

    1. I’d say the white rylak will be near impossible for the first few days. People will flock to that mini map skull icon. Be sure to tame the armored wolf before you do any Nagrand quests. Last I checked, it could vanish after you get into a new phase via questing. I’ll confirm shortly before launch if that’s still the case and warn people.

  7. Seriously, where would we be without Petopia?

    That list looks a lot like mine. I’m already making a list of what I can purge from my stables — a bunch of them were soley for the buffs. Bye, bye, Silithid! Loving the new wolf and raptor models.

    1. There are no new “rares” in the traditional sense. By “rare” I mean something that has to be camped for. If there’s a new pet you like in Draenor, you can just go get it. That being said some of the unique now tameable Hydras are traditional rares, but they aren’t in Draenor.

      1. Oh well maybe we will get new skin rare pets in a later patch.
        Talking hydras, I dont really like the draenor ones, they have 4 legs, our traditional hydras have 2, I will be taming Gesharahan and Markaru first thing in 6.0.

        1. Don’t forget about Spirit of Atha, the ghost hydra in Sholazar Basin too. She’s top of my list for taming in prepatch. <3 I do like the looks of Gesharahan as well, but think I'll have to limit myself to just one Hydra. I don't have as many free stable slots as others do.

  8. Has anyone thought about the idea for best mastery spec, when you pick adaptation at 100, that tenacity pets give more buffs than the ferocity pets? Does that mean we will see more of those in raiding scene, since we can have a glyph that insta revives pet for 80 focus and can replace heart of the phoenix? What do you think about this?

    1. I think Heart of the Phoenix is still better than having to spend 80 focus on a revive (for me anyway). It’s not worth using Thunderstomp because that pet focus is better spent on basic attacks (in a raid setting). Though technically Charge is a DPS increase, so Tenacity has that going for it.

  9. I could have sworn there was a master list on this site of what pets bring what raid buffs in WoD, but I can’t find it now. I’m one of those heretics who actually looks forward to Lone Wolf (since I came to huntering via War3’s dwarven riflemen), but I want to be a responsible raiders and have the proper set of pets tamed when the time comes.

  10. Sadly, I see nothing to make me change from Loque. Kil’uun maybe … but yeah, Carrion Bird. Chimaeron for a lark.

    1. whoops … hit send too soon. Gara is nice and all, but we’ll be seeing a LOT of them running around. Miss the days we could have some small bit of uniqueness.

  11. Not sure if this is the best place to put this but if your itching for some new pet models the wolves in the new UBRS look tameable and maybe the rylaks but I didn’t get a chance to check those.

  12. Is there a chance that we can tame the void wolves to be wolf pets instead of trying to get Gara as a spirit beast?

  13. I loved getting Gara but as most of my stable is made of cats I had to get one of the white stalkers and then I found Ra’Khan which was a b*tch to tame! But you can get the same cat but not rare if you want to elsewhere. Loved the video but why no Gara? 🙁

  14. I grabbed the Teroclaw Chick the second I saw one, and it’s the only thing I’ve used since then, I love it so so so much. I’ve only seen one other person on my server in passing who had one. And I love Gara but I’d love her a lot more if she’d stayed just a see-through pale wolf. The purple void look is neat, but it doesn’t go with my hunter in any way. 🙁

  15. I found if you want to tame Ra’Kahn just stand at the absolute furthest distance, and make sure you have the glyph that shortens tame time.

  16. Please help me…
    I cannot tame ANY beasts at all. I use to play only WOW Standard but then installed the expansion pack Warlords of Draenor and went to HUNTER lvl 90. But now my TAME Ability is GONE….. What do I do to fix this? PLS HELP

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