Pet of the Week: Saddled Clefthooves

I delayed in posting about these pets because I honestly thought there was a possibility they’d get nerfed (made untameable). After all, I’ve been disappointed before when I find a pet I love in beta, only for it to be made untameable. For a while, the only saddled clefthoof which was tameable was Giantbane and I was waiting for that to change — for good or bad. I think I have my answer now. Blizzard actually added 3 new tameable colors in the most recent set of builds. I think it’s safe to say these awesome pets are here to stay!

The clefthoof (exotic) family — which includes rhinos from the old family — is one of the most formidable when it comes to their special ability load out. Clefthooves bring two DPS buffs (5% Multistrike and 3% Versatility) with Wild Strength, and a damage reduction cooldown with Thick Hide.

You can check out all 4 colors in the video below.

Yes, these are huge pets. If you want clefthooves which take up a little less screen real estate, you should look into the versions without saddles or even the old Outland clefthooves. Some of those are featured in my new pet family preview video. Also keep in mind that since I am vertically challenged, I make them look pretty big.  😉

The Grom’kar Warbeast, as you can see in the video, is surrounded by dozens of level 100 elites. You can trap or deterrence tame it, but you can expect a bunch of the surrounding horde to aggro as soon as the tame finishes. Keep your finger near that Feign Death button, but beware that the beast’s former rider may actually camp your corpse. They aren’t very pleased with you.

There are matching mounts for all the colors, one of which is easily obtainable with the Stables building in your Garrison. You can browse those on Warcraft Mounts.

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3 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Saddled Clefthooves”

  1. I really thought my Giantsbane was red – but I looked back, I must have tamed the red one and Giantsbane and the white one and just got them all confuzzed! lol!

    (fwiw, I cannot login through WordPress on your site no matter what I try, the little addon will not accept my login. It is using your Jetpack as a URL – it has instead of a typical login. Just thought you should know.)

  2. Just makes you think how nice it would be to have a perk of Hunters being able to tame mounts 🙂

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