Hunter news from day 2 of BlizzCon 2015

For the most part, Blizzard focused on broader topics rather than specific class information. That doesn’t mean we didn’t learn nothing about Hunters though! I’ve picked up this information from various sources over the course of today. Just a reminder that a lot of this isn’t confirmed and can change.

The Hunter Class Hall

  • We got further confirmation that it is located in Highmountain (a new zone in Legion).
  • Again, referred to as a “hunting lodge” so you can guess what kind of environment it will be.
  • Classes get unique bonuses from their class halls. The Hunter bonus is an exclusive (and presumably faster) flight path network in the Broken Isles. We fly around on eagles.  This should be a sweet bonus before we get flying later in the expansion.
  • We have this bonus because of a special relationship the Hunters have with the eagles of Highmountain.
  • The “hearthstone” to send us back to our class hall is an eagle that swoops down and picks us up. We can then use the same eagle to instantly return to our original location (just like Death Gate).


Beast Mastery

Remember, this is all subject to change and was not released officially.

  • Cobra Shot is now a Focus dump (replacing Arcane Shot) (source)
  • Kill Command may no longer be exclusive to Beast Mastery. Survival looks like it may get it as well. (source)
  • Focus Fire is gone (heard from Celestalon).
  • Dire Beast is now a baseline rotational ability to generate Focus (heard from Celestalon).
  • Blizzard will work to further emphasize how important pets are to this spec (no specifics).
  • The reshuffling of abilities hints at huge changes to how the spec plays, regenerates focus, etc. Stay tuned.


  • Classic abilities are back, including Raptor Strike, Mongoose Bite, and Lacerate.
  • Survival may be getting Kill Command. (source)


  • Blizzard saw that most Marksmanship Hunters used the Lone Wolf talent in Warlords of Draenor, so they decided to make the spec entirely pet-less.
  • Old Survival abilities and mechanics may become Marksmanship-only TALENTS. Black Arrow was mentioned, as well as “procs” (presumably Lock and Load).

New cat and bear models
New cat and bear models


  • Finally, it looks like we’re getting new bear models. After 11 years. It’s hard to tell in the above screenshot, but in motion they look fluffier and more high res in general. Darkbrew also reports that Dwarf Hunters start with the new bear model as their starter pet.
  • There are also some neat looking cats shown above. Maybe these will be tameable as well.
  • Someone spotted what looks like a new basilisk model in the background of one of the shots (really tiny, so hard to tell).
  • Let’s hope the moose are tameable (or we riot).

Other misc. stuff

  • Major Glyphs are being removed, but most of these effects will be baked into the abilities (we don’t know which yet).
  • There will be tri-spec.
  • If you fall behind your artifact on your other specs, there will be ways to help catch up. However, the relics are not part of this catch up mechanic. Relics are what determines the item level (and other bonuses) on your weapon. This is really awkward for switching between MM and BM if you ask me. For Survival it makes more sense.
  • I had a post on the Hunter artifacts yesterday.
  • Transmog wardrobe is account wide. I know I’m not the only one who plays a bunch of Hunters. You can stop farming duplicate sets on your other Hunters if you’re like me.
  • Talents are getting a huge revamp. Many spec-specific talents. Most talent rows will be a choice between ability vs. proc vs. passive.
  • Hints at spell animation and effects improvements. Hopefully this applies to Hunters.

These better be tameable...
These better be tameable…

We could be seeing a class blog about Hunters from Blizzard as soon as tomorrow, so we might know more soon. Also, closed beta will be launching in the coming weeks. I got in fairly early for Warlords, so hopefully I can do the same for Legion and bring you all the new information like I did during the Warlords beta (cross my fingers).

Did I miss anything? Let me know!


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12 thoughts on “Hunter news from day 2 of BlizzCon 2015”

  1. Really wish they would make beast mastery more of a hunter that’s almost feral possibly beast shifting on cd with new attributes during the shift

  2. I wonder how this relic system will work, I hope you can change relics as changing weapons instead of a system like socket where you destroy the old one when equipping a new one.




    **reads hunter info**


    To much change, i really don’t understand the angle Blizzard is taking. If Hunters needed this much work then every time I joined a pug there would not be 4-7 other hunters. The class is very poplar at the moment…does it require that much change?

    Question, does BM get steady shot now? Or are we waiting on a 10 sec CD to generate focus? From reading MMO championg i get…

    Dire Beast generates focus 10 sec CD
    Cobra 30 focus
    Kill Comand 20 focus

    So wait… O hit Dire beast..stand there do nothing while focus generates? Why is Cobra more focus than Kill Command? Has Cobra become our “signature ability”? There no button to spam to generate focus? Am i getting that right? That is a huge difference in play style.

    Surv is the only spec with traps? I love Traps…so if i want to use traps i’ll have to be melee?

    Artifact choice is Buggered. I am calling it now… if i pick a spec and one day it becomes rock bottom and i have to switch specs and level another weapon….and i do not get invites cause my weapon is to low? ….i’ll be out. Game over for me. If blizz developers cannot think that through then there is no need to play anymore.

  4. Not really a big fan of some of the BM artifact variations. Will definitely try out survival “I wonder how existing survival hunters will transition from ranged to melee” same going for me and every hunter haha. still will be wonderful to use melee again. “still wished they made a weapon gun combo like the old days haha”

    Also interested on how artifacts will progress into endgame.. plus overall content available.. “crosses fingers” Hopefully more hunter quests to find unique pets!!

    Overall excited to see legion. Especially to play those Demon Hunters.. ohh have i dreamed of playing one since BC.. dreams do come true!!

    And please please please make Illidan a good guy.. i dont want him to die again because hes “evil” Seriously hes done more than most people to defend azeroth.. i just want him to be back with his brother.. squabbling over tyrande haha.

  5. Dwarf hunters starting with new bear model… That’s interesting. I kept my starter bear all the way to Warlords, I wonder if his model will change as well.

  6. I am so pumped for these changes, you don’t even understand. Also NEW BEAR MODEL. I wish they’d update the druid bear form with it, assuming the shape is even slightly different; I’ve always hated Warcraft’s bears, with their butts so high in the air and their weird short backs. But ugh omg, I’m really excited for hunters getting distinguishing features from each other, and the specializations actually being different from each other. My main is a BM hunter and always has been except for a very short period where she was SV, and I’m so glad about the things they’re doing with BM.

  7. WTH is blizzard doing to hunters?
    I have played a hunter from BC and I love my hunter, After all the changes the hunter was great in MoP then they went and killed the SV hunter, now they are going to “bring back” the melee hunter…. the ability to swap to melee for up close and personal is awesome but hunter hunt with ranged weapons, bows, guns, blow darts, spears whatever but nearly always ranged, Id of played a rogue if i wanted that playstyle lol. I really hope they dont further kill the SV hunter or for that matter mess with the hunter class as it stands, really just fix the DPS of SV hunter a little (easiest way would be a boost to the exotic amo for SV hunters IMO)
    Anyhow I just came back after a year away to find out they are just gonna wreck it more :”(

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