Trueshot Lodge: An early preview of the Hunter class hall

Located in the peaks of Highmountain lies Trueshot Lodge, every Hunter’s home away from home. Here we will tend to our artifact weapons, get in some target practice, manage our stables, show off our pets to other Hunters, and probably engage in some rowdy behavior in the bar section.

Trueshot Lodge will also be the center point for our questing in the Broken Isles. It’s where we’ll choose what zone we want to level up in next (remember, you can do them in any order now). There will also be class champions (of which we don’t really know much about yet) that send us on missions.

We will be able to get back and forth to our lodge with Call Greater Eagle. Hunters will also have an exclusive flight path network in the Broken Isles.

Trueshot Lodge is visible on the Highmountain map
Trueshot Lodge is visible on the Highmountain map

A few months ago I wrote a post on Blizzard Watch about some stuff I’d like to see out of our class hall, so you can check that out if you want.

It’s still early in development and not accessible in the alpha right now, but some people have found ways to get some images and video of it (without any NPCs).

First up is this short video tour:

It seems to have a rather large outdoor area surrounding the hall itself. Some of the features I could spot:

  • Lookout/sniper tower overlooking the entrance path up the mountain
  • Pet stable
  • Bar/tavern,
  • Armory
  • Trophies (a spider with arrows sticking out of its butt)
  • Shooting range
  • Misc. vendor areas outside
  • Fire pit/gathering place

In addition to the video is this gallery I saw on reddit. Original source is here, but the images were extremely dark. I did my best to brighten them up.

Can’t wait to see what it looks like populated by tons of Hunters and pets!

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12 thoughts on “Trueshot Lodge: An early preview of the Hunter class hall”

  1. My eyes started to well with tears watching the video. The music fit it perfectly, it was like I was finally home.

  2. The video looked great. I want to be there, which is a very good sign! The kind of captured the vibe of being a hunter.
    What is an Armory?
    I can accept that there is no guild vault access but I do think we should be able to get to our own banks.
    My dream is a “daily top ten dps score” tally board thing for on the test dummies. I’d like to see my own name on the charts and if not, be able to mouse over and see what spells and shots were used to get there.

  3. Very nice. I like it. And having just watched the videos of the other class order halls on youtube I conclude, that I definitively play the best class. ^^ It’s nice that we have a large outdoor area with places to gather like the towers and the fire. I just hope that there is also enough room inside the lodge itself. And maybe the towers will give a buff similiar to the the sharpshooting one that can be obtained in Ashran. There wouldn’t even have to be targets that give EP in range. Some critters like turkeys, geese or stags would be enough. It’s just fun to shoot something from even farther away than it’s normally possible. A lookout and the chance to snipe were two things that I wished for in the Hunter order hall.

    But is it just me or does this look a bit like a mix of elvish and hobbitish architecture?

    Also I think it would be fun if we had rare attacks on the lodge. The path seems like a great place for a pitched battle. We could climb the tower to snipe the enemies before they come close, fire from the cliffs or jump down and engage in a melee.

  4. It looks really nice. The building has a kind of (night) elven feeling to it although the area around the fireplace, reminds me of a Dwarven Inn. The outside area with the outhouse reminds me of Grizzly Hills and the Dwarven zones in Eastern Kingdoms.

    I didn’t notice any distinctly gnomish architecture yet but maybe they’ll add a nice engineering building šŸ™‚

  5. I am hoping they add server unlocks. Hunters on the server need to group up to unlock certain features. It would help build community.

  6. I like it, perhaps my own fantasy would place us in a more feralas’ like forest, but still, it looks nice and has a proper feel to it. Now, this leaves me wanting/wishing/fantasizing about 2 things.

    1) I want a bonus to my range when on higher ground at the lodge. Just because that is how it should be.
    2) I want to see some evil things occasionally launch an assault on our lodge.

    Not the garrison invasions, where the ‘threat’ of an invasion is signified by a a blinking exclamation mark. But more like an event, somewhat rare-ish. I want every hunter idly sitting around there to jump to their feet and unleash a barrage of arrows (or run up with spears I guess for sv). I guess there would be no real consequences to failing, maybe some loot giving boss saunters off after ending up in one of those iron front like ‘eternally balanced battles’. (In Guild wars 2 hostile npc’s actually take over towns, it is quite fun (for the first 8th times)).

    But just the thought of seeing all those hunters engage. Flares dropping around to unstealth sneaky enemies. Traps littering the ground. WAY to many pets running down the path. Just a showcase of all that is hunter. (And I’ll admit, similar fantasies for my DK, watching the en masse death grips plucking away at the spellcasters approaching, also makes me go hmmmmm)

    1. I agree this would be an awesome thing to see it would be sweet to see all the marksman hunter standing far away acting like snipers and having the pets and survival hunters on the front lines. Feels like the loot dropping boss should drop a mount at a low drop chance to give reason to keep doing the event I feel like if it only dropped gear people would get better gear then what the boss gives and not bother with the event. Would definitely love to see something like this implemented.

  7. Out of everything in Legion I love… I’m a little sad here. It’s kinda cool, I kind of get that Grizzle Woods feel, and I’ll just have to hold onto that I suppose, but I really don’t like snowy zones. At all. in Wrath I spent a lot of time in Sholozar, not just for the pet I never got, but the music and scenery. Now, being Horde, after spending 90% of my time in my Frostfire Garrison, I have to spend another couple years here… man… if they could have just moved it down a tad to the greener area I’d be happy!
    Ideally, I was kinda wanting it to be in Stormheim ;]

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