Legion Alpha: Hunter tier 19 armor preview

Both Wowhead and MMO-Champion posted previews of the Hunter tier 19 (and PvP) armor today. This is definitely Sylvanas-inspired armor and will probably suit Marksmanship the best with their Dark Ranger talent and the Thas’dorah bow. There are many colors for the various difficulties and PvP tiers, with the Mythic and Elite PvP sets being a little bit flashier as usual.

For the other colors, I’m not sure which goes with what difficulty yet. We won’t know for sure until the tier sets are in the database. When that happens we should also be able to preview the sets on other races with the model viewer on Wowhead.

With Thas'dorah (image from Wowhead)
With Thas’dorah (image from Wowhead)

I actually kind of like this set, even though I’m not sure how good it’s going to look on my dwarf. It looks pretty good on female elves, you can see it on both blood elf and night elf in the Wowhead videos below. The only thing a set like this is missing is a nice black cloak. I think it would be great if there was a slightly transparent black cloak, similar to Alexstrasza’s.

If tier 19 is a Marksmanship-themed set, it makes me wonder if tiers 20 and 21 could be Beast Mastery and Survival themed, specifically to match their artifacts? If that were the case, I’d imagine the BM set to be Titan-inspired to match Titanstrike and the SV set Highmountain/Tauren-inspired to match Talonclaw.

Finally, you can check out some high res pics from MMO-Champion here (male human) and here (female orc).

What do you think of the tier 19 armor? Yay or nay?

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12 thoughts on “Legion Alpha: Hunter tier 19 armor preview”

  1. I like it, but what happened to us stalking stuff? you know like riftstalker, gronnstalker, etc. I would like more sets going back to the whole putting on the skins of the native animals in the expansion.

    1. Maybe we’ll get a Legionstalker set this expansion? Wouldn’t be surprised if one of the sets was an “Unseen Path” set since that’s the main hunter faction in Legion. The Unseen Path is also associated with eagles and that’s what this armor set is (look at the shoulders and belt, plus feathers).

  2. Is that hair I saw sticking out under the helm?? That would be an amazing improvement. I always hate how my long haired toons lose their hair as soon as they put a helm on.

  3. Well, gonna say it looks like I’m in the minority, but this set looks totally ugly to me. ‘Mogging it as soon as I get it.

  4. Same here. This looks like slightly cut down plate with more intricate guilding better suited to strength users. This looks like it would hinder our agility horribly.

  5. It will be nice to finally have a tier set that doesn’t look completley awful. I supposed T18 isn’t so bad, but the last and only tier set I actually enjoyed wearing on my hunter was T12 from firelands. Everything past and before that is completely unpleasant. I guess we can’t be the best in everything.

  6. For me it’s the boots that weigh down the set the most, I don’t mind the chunky style in general, but it just makes it look rather cumbersome for a windrunner themed set.

  7. This is the first time, in quite some time – (since SoO at least) that I have seen the preview of the armor set – and gone – I MUST HAVE THIS. I must collect this all!

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