Track hunting for rare pets is returning in Legion

Do you remember rare pets from Mists of Pandaria such as Portent, Hexapos, and Savage? These pets required you to look for their tracks to hunt them down. We didn’t get any new rares like this in Warlords, but it looks like they are returning for Legion!

This time, instead of animal tracks there are little puddles of oil. The first one discovered (by Bambu on the Petopia forums) is Treble, a mechanical dog found in Highmountain. He wanders quite a big area and was a challenge to track down. I ended up finding  him right near our class hall, Trueshot Lodge. Unfortunately, nothing can be tamed on the Broken Isles yet due to a bug. I did snap some pics though!


This works the same as it did in MoP: Look for the tracks, use a Flare where you think the stealthed pet will be next, and hopefully reveal it. Then you need to tame the beast before it leaves your flared area. If you’re Survival it’s as simple as using Freezing Trap, but the other two specs will have to use something else, such as Binding Shot. Tame Beast’s channel time has been reduced without the need for a glyph, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. But yes, I do think it’s odd that Survival has better beast taming tools than Beast Mastery.

Treble is the only one discovered so far, but I am sure there will be more. For starters, there is also Rush (same model, but a red color instead) who is probably out there waiting to be found. Sound familiar? Treble and Rush are references to robot dogs from the Mega Man games.


I know not everyone is a fan of this style of taming, but I like having some variety. The other thing I like about these tames (at least how they were handled in MoP) is that the respawn time was never that long. The challenge was hunting them down, rather than getting lucky on a respawn.

Whether or not this will be expanded to non-mechanical pets remains to be seen. It’s a big continent and there’s not many Hunters out there looking for this stuff yet. Once beasts on the Broken Isles become tameable, I expect the discoveries to ramp up. Right now it’s just not worth going out of your way to look for stuff if you can’t tame it.


This is without a doubt my favorite mechanical pet yet. I can’t wait to find more!

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18 thoughts on “Track hunting for rare pets is returning in Legion”

  1. I simply LOVED the way Pandaria introduced the rare taming pets and I’m rejoicing it’s comming back!!

  2. Cool model 🙂 Perhaps the BM Artifact should have been constructing our own Hati.

    I liked the tracking challenges although they were implemented a bit weird (tracks going backward).

    I fear I’m going to spend a lot of time collecting pets in Legion.

  3. I am psyched about this! The MoP trackable pets were one of my favourite things about the expansion and as much as I thought Gara and Fel Rangari were pretty neat, I was really hoping they would consider adding more stuff like this. Awesome – I just hope there are more than just one or two 🙂

    (as an aside, I agree that it feels a little odd for BM to have fewer options for trapping pets to tame. Maybe they might consider reintroducing a nerfed Freezing Trap for BM that only works on beasts – Bear Trap or Snare Beast or something? Would be very helpful and hard to argue that it doesn’t fit with BM fantasy)

  4. I LOVE that they’re bringing this back! I found it very enjoyable to actually track down a special pet instead of waiting for a rare spawn. This, plus the Fel Rangari fight have been my favorite ways to tame new pets.The Gara questline was cool, but it didn’t feel very hunter-y to me. The other challenges tames like Deth’tilac were rewarding, but felt a little too gimmicky (reliance on perfectly executing a single task, instead of using your whole toolkit like with the Fel Rangari).

  5. I have a human Hunter fully levelled & with a transmog set ready to be race changed into a Gnome come Legion.
    This black/very dark blue robot dog would be perfect for him.
    Honestly I’m happy this style of tame has returned. Saves camping for hours/days/weeks/months/years/a lifetime to get that one pet you really want.

  6. Were the mop ones not BM only? i.e. Exotic pets? Will these ones not be too? BM has always been my spec and always liked the exotic taming ability, for me it was what set the spec apart from the MM, survival pretenders.

  7. A robot dog named Treble? I wonder if it’s a reference to the Mega Man franchise? Mega Man’s rival Bass has a robot dog with the same name.

  8. There is for me 1 problem “I need more STABLE room for Legion pets ” So will we get 25 extra stable room????

  9. Would you be willing to let us know what you are finding these guys when you locate them (as in a highlighted area on the world map)? I’d be exceptionally grateful if so. I’ve been on the hunt for them the last few days. ♥

  10. WIth the help of Jagati on beta, just tamed Rush… Rhut’van Passage, in Azsuna, top of the map.

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