Pet of the Week: Lowland Manashell (aka Tortos)

Ever wanted to tame Tortos? Well, now you can — sort of. In lieu of actually making the boss from Throne of Thunder tameable, Blizzard has re-used Tortos’ model for a new turtle species, the Lowland Manashell.  These turtles are found in Suramar, the level 110-only zone in the Broken Isles. More specifically, in the river north of Shal’aran (the main hub of the zone).

While it’s not an actual rare, the Lowland Manashell isn’t very common. Sometimes when I visit the area there are none of them spawned. I believe it may share a spawn with the common turtles in the area, and every time one of those spawns there is a chance that it’s one of the Manashells. I’ve also only seen one up at a time thus far. They can spawn anywhere along the river there, including under water or above the waterfall. If you don’t see any, try killing regular turtles in the area. A “/tar Lowland Manashell” macro is helpful.

It would have been cool to have some kind of taming challenge to get this one, but perhaps there was a technical challenge with making Tortos tameable. I’m just happy to have the model available. I think it’s my favorite turtle model, even surpassing Terrorpene. The Manashell pulses with glowing blue light and also leaves a trail or cloud of blue mana in its wake. You can see more in the video above. Also, the cat you see in the video is actually Hati (you can change his appearance, I’ll be doing a post on that soon).

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