How to craft (and tame) your very own Iron Juggernaut

Well, this is a first. In Legion (well, technically patch 7.0) Hunters will be able to venture into Siege of Orgrimmar and gather parts to make their very own Iron Juggernaut pet — in four different colors! To fully discover all the ins and outs of this taming challenge took many hours of searching around SoO, and the rest of Azeroth for that matter. I spent most of the time searching around with Valnaaros from the Petopia forums.

One of the parts needed turned out to be extremely well hidden, and when we didn’t see it on first inspection we assumed it was found elsewhere. After visiting every gnomish and goblin type area in WoW, we finally went back to SoO and found the missing piece. If you want to discover all this for yourself, skip the guide section below.

Note: There is currently a bug with these where you cannot tame them below level 120. Wait until you’re 120 before you spawn them! But if you used it before 120 and got the “too high level” message then you should be able to make a ticket and ask for it to be restored since this is a bug.


The Basics (no spoilers)

  • Comes in four colors: grey, teal, green, and blue.
  • They are fairly noisy pets with lots of random mechanical noises. They aren’t very big, so they look a little small beside larger races. About the same size as a regular scorpid pet.
  • Part of the new Mechanical family. Goblins and Gnomes can tame immediately in 7.0, other races will need to acquire a Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix from an engineer after Legion launches.
  • All parts are found in Siege of Orgrimmar.
  • Can only craft one per week per Hunter (even if you run SoO on multiple difficulties).
  • The parts drop in Normal, Heroic, or Mythic. The raid is soloable on Normal or Heroic with the exception of Galakras, which you will need at least one friend for. Galakras can be soloed in patch 7.1.
  • There is only one part dropped per boss, even if multiple Hunters are present. If you have a Hunter buddy to run this with, I would suggest one of you gets the parts in Normal and the other in Heroic, so you both can tame one per week.
  • The lootable object(s) needed will re-appear with a soft reset (e.g. leaving the raid for a few hours and coming back, the part will respawn).


The Guide (spoilers)

  • There are 3 parts you need to collect note: If you don’t see the item on the corpse, make sure everyone in your group loots the boss. Then it should show up.
    1. Pile of Juggernaut Parts from Iron Juggernaut
    2. Blackfuse’s Power Core from Siegecrafter Blackfuse
    3. One of four buckets of paint: GreenBlueTeal, or Grey
  • Set the raid difficulty to Normal or higher.
  • Kill Immerseus, the Protectors, Norushen, Sha of Pride, and then Galakras.
  • The first part you need will drop off Iron Juggernaut: Pile of Juggernaut Parts.
  • Kill the Dark Shaman.
  • Keep going until you get into the underground area of Orgrimmar. Here is where you will find the first bucket of paint (Green color). See exact location below.
  • Kill General Nazgrim.
  • Underneath Malkorok you will find the second paint bucket (Blue color). See exact location below.
  • Kill Malkorok.
  • The last part you will need drops off Siegecrafter Blackfuse: Blackfuse’s Power Core.
  • If you want a green or blue juggernaut, you can now craft and tame one. To get the other colors, keep going.
  • Start the Spoils of Pandaria encounter. You will find the Teal color paint bucket in the western corner. See exact location below.
  • Kill Thok the Bloodthirsty to open the final door.
  • Kill the Paragons of the Klaxxi.
  • The final bucket (Grey color) is found in the passageway between Paragons and Garrosh. See below for exact location.


Paint Buckets

See the maps below for the exact locations of the four paint buckets mentioned above. I can’t tell you how much of a pain it was to try and locate these. 😛 Siege of Orgrimmar is a BIG place…

Crafting and taming the Juggernaut

Once you’ve got all the parts, it’s a matter of choosing what color you want to tame. Simply right-click the appropriate paint bucket and it will create one of these: Deactivated Blue Juggernaut.

Now that you have a deactivated juggernaut, it’s just a matter of right clicking it to summon the juggernaut itself. The juggernaut will be neutral and won’t attack until you start taming it. There’s really no trick to the tame, but to be safe you may want to pop Aspect of the Turtle first. Only the Hunter who summoned the Juggernaut can tame it, and no one else can attack it. Also, you must be within Siege of Orgrimmar to summon it.

And now you have your new pet! As you can see, the parts are all consumed on use. You can stockpile as much paint as you want, but the boss drops can only be obtained once per week.

First I’d like to thank Blizzard for all the cool things they are doing with Hunter pets in Legion. There’s a huge variety of challenges for the mechanical pets, and some other long requested favorites like Thok and Tortos (lookalike) being added to the mix. The only thing I wish we got was more stable slots, as I’m going to have a hard time deciding what pets to send to pasture before Legion.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Petopia and Valnaaros for helping me run SoO and search for these parts on the beta.

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42 thoughts on “How to craft (and tame) your very own Iron Juggernaut”

        1. Valnaaros here! After helping another Hunter get one (whilst on my own) that they cannot be tamed by other hunters and cannot be attacked.

          1. That’s good to know. Edited the post. Though it would’ve been neat if you could make one for someone else to tame as kind of a Hunter gift. 😉

  1. Yeah I wish they gave us more hunter pet slots because I too will have the same problem deciding what pets in my stable to get rid of 🙁

  2. Nice Work 😀

    I have some doubts regarding BM’s playstyle in Legion but the new tameable pets look nice.

  3. Great guide, thank you for putting this together. Already had to go though my pet journal and let a few go, but I’m looking forward to stocking back up in Legion.

  4. You know what would be really fucking cool? If we were not limited to just beast like Mechanicals we could tame. Just think about rolling around with the Flame Leviathan or a Fel Reaver! Other then that, its a good time to be a hunter!

  5. Off topic, where did you get the bow your gnome is using in those pics? I know I’ve seen it before, but I can’t find the graphic on any database.

  6. Lol. Those Juggernauts look epic to get. I cannot tame those until the Expansion for Legion hits live. Also a Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix which is created by Engineers is required to tame them. I love to get all 4 of them.

  7. I might have to hit 110 or less and bring like 4 ppl that are not Hunters to help me get the thing required from both the Boss Level Iron Juggernaut and Siegecrafter Blackfuse as well as the Buckets of Grey, Blue Teal, and Green Paint if I ever want to tame one of those Robotic Scorpids.

  8. Though not really related to this post, I really wish they would add a tameable rockworm model ( in any way. Would love it, but with the focus on mechanical pets and already some new families around, I think I’ll have to wait.

    OT: The Juggernaut is great, but I’ve always thought the scorpions are too small overall. The mech wolfs are way better 😉

  9. Semi off-topic, but I would like to know, if at all possible, what the transmog pieces are for that gnome in the picture. I like the look a lot.

  10. This is bugged. Did all the above and summoned the Teal Juggernaut was summoned as lvl 110, but I couldn’t tame it as a lvl 111 hunter. Error message was, “You are too low a level to tame.” So something happened in BfA to bug this. Bummed.

    1. I heard this is currently bugged in BFA. You can submit a ticket and a GM will give you back your Teal Juggernaut so you can use it again once they fix it.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion. GM gave me a Deactivated one to keep in my bag until they fix it. So glad I don’t have to run SoO again.

          1. Has that been confirmed cause on the forum there’s a comment from 4 hours ago that it wasn’t fixed. Not being difficult just want to make sure before I summon so I don’t have put in another ticket.

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