Cida the wasp

Pet of the week: Cida

Nope, this pet isn’t Princess Huhuran, though up until recently the princess was the only one who used this particular model and skin. This here is Cida, a rare wasp found in Felwood which was added to the game in patch 5.2.  Why would you tame Cida over Huhuran? Because Cida retains her large size once tamed unlike the rest of the wasps (or any other pet for that matter). I wouldn’t necessarily recommend using this one in a raid unless you want the melee and tanks to hate you, but it’s extremely fun in PvP.  I named mine Anaphylaxis.

Cida is level 45 and  spawns at precisely 45,32 in Whisperwind Grove in Felwood. Cida doesn’t patrol or have any other spawn points. The respawn timer is anywhere from 3-6 hours.

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8 thoughts on “Pet of the week: Cida”

  1. hey – wanted to thank you on this one – saw the link to your blog from your WI article, saw this, flew to Felwood, did /target Cida, got nothing, and 2 seconds later – bam, he spawned. Tame-a-go-go, and got me a big-a$$ bug. Thanks!

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