Pet of the Week: Sunwing

Sunwing is a level 51 rare Dragonhawk found in the Burning Steppes. It’s the only tameable Dragonhawk to use the black skin and is definitely my favorite. It’s fairly new to the game, just being added in patch 5.1. The Dragonhawk’s special ability is Fire Breath (magic vulnerability) and it looks like it’s staying that way for Warlords of Draenor.

Sunwing spawns at roughly 10,53 near Flamestar Post. If you are Alliance, this is only about a 30 second flight from Stormwind, so it’s very easy to check and see if he’s up. The respawn time seems to be around 4 hours, give or take. I see him up pretty frequently when I take trips to Blackrock Mountain.


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9 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Sunwing”

  1. I didn’t know this guy existed! I really like the black skin. I’ve added him to my todo list:) Thanks for another great tip!

  2. I’m not a big fan of camping for pets, but this is one I felt like I needed to sit an wait for. A lot of people quest in the area, so there’s a good chance he’ll be killed shortly after spawning.

    It’s great looking Dragonhawk though.

  3. šŸ™ I’ve only run into him once, when I was on a flight-path on a lower level alt and NPCScan went off, I scanned around hovering just above the rocks I saw that glorious all-black Dragonhawk. I logged off and logged onto my hunter immediately, but by the time I ported to SW and flew over there he was gone. That’ll teach me to ever play anything that’s not a hunter…

  4. It looks gorgeous, but I can’t bring myself to tame one. My first pet was a dragonhawk, back when we used to get them at level 10 and I can’t bring myself to part with him or give him any sort of competition, particularly as he so rarely sees action these days.

  5. For those who find this skin a little too dark, there is a lighter version in the form of the rare Manas in Winterspring

  6. I tamed him over the weekend using a trick for hunting rares that’s worked for me on more than one occasion. Download the add-on, “Oqueue.” This add-on let’s you find cross-server groups that are doing raids, battlegrounds, etc. Once it’s installed and running, go to the “raids” section and look for groups that are doing the Celestials or World Bosses. These tend to be large groups that take anyone and won’t notice or or care if you don’t actually show up once you’re in the group. When you accept an invite to the group, you will be transferred the the group leader’s server. So if you don’t see that rare on your own server, there’s a chance you might find it on another.

    When I didn’t see Sunwing over the weekend on my own server, I joined a group doing the Celestials and suddenly, there he was right below me. I dropped down, made the tame, left party and was back on my own server with my new pet at my side.

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