Pet(s) of the Week: Wolves that bark, growl, and howl

That there is my Oil-stained Wolf named Void. They are no longer tameable with their oily coat intact — I thought I would get that out of the way first (sorry about that 😛 ). Aside from looking really cool, this wolf has a neat little feature of barking/growling when he is clicked.

It turns out there are a handful of wolves available in the game which will do this — some rare, some easy to find. Why is this such a big deal? Because when you click on them, you gain a stacking 1% damage buff from each bark (up to 20 stacks). Not many people know about this hidden buff as it doesn’t appear in your list of auras and…

Alright, I’m kidding. There’s really no point to this. I just like pets that make sounds when I click on them, OK?

 bark_prairiewolfPrairie Wolf (Level 5-6)
Found in Mulgore
Wowhead spawn map

These guys choose from one of 3 barking sounds when clicked. Spot in Dustwallow Marsh uses the same skin and barks when clicked, but can only be tamed by Horde players prior to completing the Theramore’s Fall scenario. He was unfortunately killed by that big bomb the horde dropped on Theramore, though some like to think he somehow made his way to Pandaria and now spends his days living happily on a farm.

Ragged Young Wolf (Level 3)

Found in Dun Morogh
Wowhead spawn map

These guys have about 4 unique sounds that are randomly chosen when clicked — barks, growls, and even a howl! This is the only one I am aware of which has a howl. Don’t confuse with the Ragged Timber Wolves which spawn in the same area. They look identical but do not bark when clicked.

bark_bloodaxeBloodaxe Worg Pup (Level 52-53)
Found in Blackrock Spire (dungeon)
Wowhead spawn map

When clicked, these pups will snarl and growl back at you. These spawn near Halycon in Blackrock Spire. As this dungeon is being revamped in Warlords of Draenor, there is a chance these guys will disappear come then. You’ll still be able to get this skin elsewhere, but if these specific pups are removed you won’t be able to have a snarling black worg. Update: I’m pretty sure only UBRS is being revamped, so this one is probably safe.

Deathmaw (Level 51 Rare)
Found in Burning Steppes
Wowhead spawn map

Deathmaw shares this skin with one other rare wolf (Grovepaw), but Deathmaw is obviously superior since he makes noise when clicked! Also, a little bit of trivia about this guy: Back in vanilla, some pets had unique attributes such as different attack speeds. Deathmaw was the fastest attacking Wolf in the game (1.2 speed), and the only pet with a faster attack was Brokentooth (1.0 speed).  Pets were all eventually normalized to 1.5.  He also used to be black before getting this new skin in Cataclysm.

Oil-Stained Wolf (Level 70-71)
Found in Borean Tundra
Wowhead spawn map

As I mentioned in the opening of this post, it is no longer possible to tame these guys with their oily coats intact. Once tamed, they will turn into a black saber worg. These are still unique in being the only saber worgs which will talk back to you when clicked. They randomly choose from one of 3 different snarls/growls on each click.

Did I miss any? Let me know! Click here to view previous pets of the week.

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3 thoughts on “Pet(s) of the Week: Wolves that bark, growl, and howl”

  1. Are you ever scared that the oil-stained buff will go away? I have the oil stained wolf in my stables (along with the ghost hydra and the slime pet) and I am scared to death of pulling them out and losing them (or having a jealous hunter report me).

    1. You can’t be reported for it. I’ve never heard of a single case where a hunter had a “glitch tamed” pet taken away, with one exception.. the humanoid worgen in Wrath, but everyone lost it there, and it was very shortly after taming it. I have two oil stained wolves. One of them has been in the stables since Wrath, and recently I took it out and the oil coat is still there. Just don’t take the pet into arenas and you shouldn’t lose it. Mine has survived server tranfers, faction transfers and expansion releases.

  2. i had an oil coated pet and knew arenas stripped them and everything / every one from buffs / debuffs when entered so i stayed away from them, but, alas i entered a normal BG once with it and for some reason it used the same stripping of buffs as arenas and took away its oil coat =( ofc by that time they werent tameble any more 🙁

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