Hook Wasps are joining the Wasp family, Rylaks will be exotic

The previously announced Hook Wasp exotic pets are going to be folded into the regular Wasp family and will no longer be exotic. Replacing them as the new exotic family in Warlords will be the Rylaks. If you’re wondering what a Rylak is, it’s the same thing as an Iron Skyreaver mount (minus the rocket boosters) as seen above.

I always thought the Rylaks would just get added to the Chimera family, kind of like how Hook Wasps always should have been part of the Wasp family. The major distinction is that Rylaks use ground animations instead of hovering like the old Chimeras.

Hook Wasps were set to bring some pretty awesome buffs — haste, stamina, and a slow fall — but we don’t know yet what special abilities the Rylaks will bring. Maybe they’ll just shift the old Hook Wasp ones over to them? I’d hate to lose that extra slow fall. I was getting excited by Disengage + slow fall possibilities.


Thus far the number of new pet families seems a little less than previous expansions, but this is made up somewhat by all of the new models (killer toucans? come on!). You can see some of the new pets (and all the new buffs) in this post.

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4 thoughts on “Hook Wasps are joining the Wasp family, Rylaks will be exotic”

  1. I’m hoping they’ll give the slow-fall ability to Rylaks now. I’d hate to lose that ability, or rather not get that ability, since we don’t technically don’t have it yet.

  2. Slow fall would be cool ! also ty for lovely blog just started playing dwarf bm hunter he is 65 right now And your blogs have helped alot

  3. I have messed around with Disengage, Posthaste (for the speed buff), and Slow Fall (via Mage buff, Priest buff, and the Crane Statue) on Timeless Isle. You can reach the Blazing Chest. It’s pretty awesome. Glyphed Disengage makes the initial (and subsequent, since the CD will reset before you land) launch even farther, making it possible to actually overshoot the blazing chest courtyard and land in the ocean near Jade Forest.

    Do not attempt unless you want to spirit rez, since fatigue water is a pain.

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