Pet of the Week: Arcturis

Most people think that Loque’nahak is the most difficult spirit beast to tame, but I’d argue that honor goes to Arcturis. At least Loque has multiple spawn points, so you could always get lucky and find him at one of the spawns where no one is currently camping. Arcturis, on the other hand, spawns at a single location and almost always has at least 1-2 hunters camping that spawn point.

One of the problems with this is hunters will fight over the spawn and Arcturis ends up dead in the process. If you’re taking the camping approach, it might be best to befriend any other hunters who are camping. Perhaps you can come to some sort of agreement where neither of you will be jerks and kill the bear after someone starts taming it. If that doesn’t work, you might need to become a little more dedicated.

I’ll reluctantly admit that I have, in the distant past, set alarms to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to check pet spawns. This is indeed how I tamed Arcturis back in Wrath of the Lich King. It was about 4:30 AM and I logged in to find him sitting there all alone.  I guess it depends how much you want the pet. If you’re a collector like me, you may need to pull out all the stops to find this guy.

Loque will always be my favorite, but this guy is definitely in the top 3 of spirit beasts. I only wish he had the Rest special ability like a normal bear. View the Wowhead page to see the exact spawn point, and perhaps get some extra tips or words of support from the 1000+ comments already posted about this guy. And always remember to use the Glyph of Tame Beast… seconds count here!


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8 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Arcturis”

  1. I think because of the single spawn point, he may in fact be the hardest to find. Definitely top 3 with Loque and Krush being the other two.

    I like your taming story better than mine which is one day during Wrath I was sitting in Dalaran and thought, hey why don’t I go and tame Arcturis. I flew out to Grizzly Hills and there he was.

    I have him on two toons, not sure I’ll ever find him again.

  2. I think I tamed him as well by getting up in the middle of the night after camping his spawn location for hours. My favourite spiritbeast by far.

  3. Sadly, the last three times I’ve checked for Arcturis, he has been dead.

    I like to think he’s just sleeping and taming him would wake him up, so I leave him alone.

    One day I’ll get him.

  4. He’s one of my favorite spirit beasts. Luckily I tamed him before all of this CRZ madness. But best of luck to all the hunters looking to tame him 🙂

  5. Camping for Arcturis was the first time I ever camped for anything in WoW. I remember sitting there for five hours straight (don’t worry, I had a book with me), with the occasional other hunter flying by, realizing that someone was already in line, and leaving. Some even wished me good luck. And then, after several long hours, he finally spawned! Thrilled, I began my tame… and then a shammy swooped down and killed him.

    And for the first time in my life, I sincerely wished it was possible to strangle people across the Internet. It was also the last time I ever camped for anything in WoW.

  6. Just logged back into my Hunter to finish leveling him to 90 last night (sitting at 79 for a year) and this was who my pet was. I remember getting him when it first came out about all these Spirit Beasts and still love him. I also like how he fades out even more after combat.

  7. The only spirit beast I have managed to get so far. Tamed back in WotLK. Actually spotted him while leveling my Druid and immediately logged out and switched to my main lvl 80 hunter that was in Dalaran. Somehow he was still there in the span of what must have been at least 3-4 minutes. Guess being on a “Low” population Realm has (had) its benefits.

  8. I flew by his spawn on Wyrmrest Accord every day for 3 days before coming across him alive, with no one around. I started the tame, but I was in MM spec. Swapped specs, sweating profusely and started the tame.

    A Horde Mage flew up, hopped off his mount, and flung an ice lance. The tame finished a split second before the lance hit. The Mage happened to be flagged for PvP and had about the same health as me, so I proceeded to forcibly remove his testicles.

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