Pet of the Week: Echidnian Hydra

These lumbering beasts wander the shallows of the Nightmarsh in Shadowmoon Valley. Hydras are one of the 3 new hunter pet families being added in Warlords of Draenor, the others being Rylaks and Riverbeasts, which I’ll feature shortly. Hydras bring the Keen Senses (mastery) buff.

There’s a little bit of a bug with these guys in the alpha right now. Instead of playing their run animation when they move around, they instead play their walking animation at superfast speeds. Oh, and they’re very stompy. Even more stompy than a regular hydra. For the sake of hunter ears everywhere, let’s hope they tone those noises down just a smidge. 😉

These hydras have some great looking animations, you can play them all in Wowhead’s model viewer. That dramatic death animation plus the Glyph of Play Dead = win.

Make some room in your stables and mark these guys on your must-tame list for Warlords. Note there will be other colors available elsewhere in Draenor.


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5 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Echidnian Hydra”

    1. Speaking of the old models. Are the old hydra models still in the game or are they updated ? I would love to have a ghostly version of the new model.

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