WoD Beta 18764: Hunter number tuning, round 2

Updated with a Thrill of the Hunt change coming in a future build (bottom of post).

Not much to report regarding hunters in this build, just some small number tuning and a few other tidbits.

  • Arcane Shot (BM/SV) now deals 100% weapon damage (down from 114%)
  • Aimed Shot (MM) now deals 350% weapon damage (down from 385%)
  • Explosive Shot (SV) now deals 42% attack power damage per tick (down from 46%)
  • Serpent Sting (SV) now deals 175% attack power damage over 15 sec (down from 225%)
  • Cobra Strikes (BM) now has a 20% chance per Arcane Shot to grant 1 charge of Cobra Strikes, causing your pet’s next basic attack to crit (Old: 15% chance to grant 2 charges)
  • Enhanced Basic Attacks (BM perk) now has a 15% chance to reset the basic attack cooldown and make the next one free (down from 20%)

While it is nerfs across the board, something to keep in mind when it comes to beta number tuning…


The basic attack nerfs don’t surprise me. Basic attacks are doing a lot of damage right now (percent wise), especially with that perk and Adaptation. They might be trying to reduce the overall percentage of passive pet damage. There is no compensation in hunter DPS, but they’re probably trying to bring all classes down to a certain level.

Still no news about mechanic changes, but at least we got Celestalon to play Marksmanship in today’s “Play with the Blues” event on beta. There was a straw poll for what spec he should play, and MM won by a landslide. Elemental Shaman was in second place (but like 400+ votes behind). I think a lot of us are (foolishly) hoping he’ll have some kind of revelation and say “hmm, you’re right, MM is missing something.” 😉

Gorgeous new login screen for Warlords
Gorgeous new login screen for Warlords

Other huntery stuff
  • Disengage now has a “whoosh!” sound effect. Makes sense. It is one of the best abilities in all of WoW after all.
  • Tier 17 has been named Rylakstalker.
  • BM 2-piece T17: Kill Command has a 25% chance to reset the cooldown of Bestial Wrath. The number has been removed from the tooltip. RPPM perhaps?
  • No new pet stuff that I can see yet.

Will update the post if I catch anything else.

Update: Thrill of the Hunt changes coming

Thrill of the Hunt is being changed to scale the proc chance based on the focus spent.

Right now, Thrill of the Hunt has a 20% chance to proc. With these upcoming changes, it would look like this:

  • Aimed Shot = 30%
  • Multi-Shot and Kill Command = 24%
  • Chimaera Shot = 21%
  • Arcane Shot = 18%
  • Explosive Shot and Glaive Toss = 9%

This is a good change in my opinion. It balances out the talent nicely. The only question is, does it calculate off the base cost or the modified cost? If it’s the modified cost, then Marksmanship Multi-Shots would have a 0% chance to proc while both Bombardment and Thrill of the Hunt are up. If that’s the case, Bombardment needs a buff to compensate for that since right now MM relies on spamming to do any meaningful AoE. That spamming is only achieved through streaks of free Multi-Shots.

This should be in a future build. It’ll be interesting to test out.

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5 thoughts on “WoD Beta 18764: Hunter number tuning, round 2”

  1. Not sure what Celestalon will think after playing MM. I’m assuming he at least knows that hunters didn’t vote for him to play MM because we think it’s the most fun spec.

    Somehow the fact that not a single hunter blogger, podcaster and/or twitterer has stated MM is fun, awesome or the most exciting hunter spec seems to have escaped Blizzard.

    I have the feeling it’s their design choice to make MM into a kind of hunter mage spec (as well as promote carpal tunnel syndrome amongst WoW hunters).

    1. Forgot to add that was awesome seeing the hunter community band together to make sure MM was the clear winner.

      Even if we have only 1 decent spec left in WoD, Hunters are still the best class.

      1. I agree on both counts. Even though it was just a symbolic gesture, MM winning by such a margin at least sent a message.

        And yes, Hunters will always be the best class.

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