Pet of the Week: Teroclaws

Teroclaws are a new type of hunter pet found in Talador and I believe it’s the first type of hunter pet that has both flying and grounded variants. They have been added to the Carrion Bird family, though many of us were hoping the grounded ones would have made it into the Raptor family.

These are some really nifty looking pets. My only quibble with them is their family. Carrion Birds only bring the Bloody Screech (Mortal Wounds) debuff, which isn’t something I find myself needing very often. Of course, some pet family has to fill this niche, right? One of the grounded versions is actually flagged as a Bird of Prey (Versatility buff), but this may be a bug. I hope it’s not though simply because it gives us more options.

Below is a video showing off the different tameable versions. Ji-Kun from Throne of Thunder uses the same model as the flying variant, but I don’t believe it’s been made tameable yet. Perhaps in a future expansion? Anzu from Sethekk Halls is also not tameable.

All Teroclaws can be found in Talador.

The Hen Chick and Kil’uun are my favorites, but overall I like the grounded ones the best.

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4 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Teroclaws”

  1. Unfortunately as useless as the river beasts… hopefully somehow they will “fix” pet buffs so lots of these awesome models are good for both solo and group play. This is even more of an issue for BM where silithids, shale spiders, devilsaurs and water striders will take like 90% of the pet-time in favor of all the new models….

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