WoD Beta 18927: Set Bonuses, Teroclaws, and the big taming pass

The most recent beta build is light on the class changes, but heavy on the pet changes! Ever since alpha/beta started, there have been a large number of pets that should have been tameable but were not. Most of those, but not all, have been fixed this build!

Tier 17 Set Bonus Adjustments

  • T17 MM 4-piece: While Rapid Fire is active, your critical strike damage increases by 3% per second. (Old: 5% per second)
  • T16 SV 4-piece: When you hit a target with Explosive Shot, your multistrike damage is increased by 50% for 3 sec. (Old: 25% for 3 sec)

It makes sense since Marksmanship’s bonuses was the strongest and survival’s was likely the weakest. Unfortunately there’s no other number tuning at the class level. Survival is still drastically behind by all counts. Marksmanship is looking best for single target, and BM is decimating the AoE numbers. Survival seems to be doing worse than MM even in the AoE department! And knowing how crummy MM’s AoE is, that’s saying a lot. The entire hunter community is absolutely baffled with what’s going on with the survival spec right now. On one hand, we have Blizzard telling us it was doing “slightly too much” damage, and on the other hand you have things like these latest SimC numbers. SimC is still very much beta, so who knows how truly accurate this is. I’m not panicking yet, but 6.0 is really darn close… it’s getting harder to say “don’t worry, things will be OK, number tuning yadda yadda.”

However, if you are excited about new pets, you’ll like this next bit. 🙂

White Rylak from Shadowmoon Valley
White Rylak from Shadowmoon Valley

Almost everything that should be tameable is now tameable. Rylaks everywhere, including that white one above (Amaukwa in SMV). Draenor hydras of every color, the new talbuks, and also those black wolves that have been taunting me for months outside of my garrison.

The biggest news, of course, is the Teroclaws. They’ve been added to the Carrion Bird family (though one of them seems to have been added to the bird of prey family, we’re not sure if that’s intended yet). Teroclaws come in both ground (as seen in this post’s header image) and flying form, and the flying ones come in several colors.

I will have another post detailing all of the Teroclaws in the near future, in the meantime here’s one of the flying ones.


Oh, and I did check out Anzu. Sorry, not tameable.

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13 thoughts on “WoD Beta 18927: Set Bonuses, Teroclaws, and the big taming pass”

  1. Almost unrelated to your post… but isn’t that Rylakstalker set really REALLY ugly? Like… even uglier than T11 “Murlocstalker”?

    1. As much as your technically quite correct, they do look very similar to Achillobator and the likes, it’s just comes down to the fact that they are the chicks of the flying teroclaw adults. Therefore unless they were to add the teroclaw adults into the raptor family too, it all comes across as pretty messy. The fact that they use the Raptor Skeleton supports your concept, but then they do have a beak and feathers instead of tails, which sets them apart enough. When you look at it, just these facts should be enough to make them belong in the strider family group. But then again, being classified the chicks of a clearly Bird of Prey/Buzzard/Carrion type beast, one would expect it to fall in line with it’s parentage.

      All that said and done, it’s certainly not the 1st time, nor will it be the last that in the World of Warcraft, there are no scientifically accurate nor biologically sound reasonings for any other their decisions, as it’s simply what ever they like the look/idea of…. oh and MAGIC! 🙂

  2. The sim results assume a patchwork-style fight with zero movement right? I would have thought that without the 100% uptime on MM mastery, BM would be a little closer.

  3. I downloaded their beta simulater. On their heavy movement style fights, no matter what player skill level is set to (elite, good, average, Ouch! Fire is Hot!) the up time on MM mastery remains the same. Maybe there is another option to change the up time to see the difference, but I’m not finding it.

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