Pet of the Week: Druids in Travel Form

Blizzard finally gave into our demands and made druids tameable. The catch is you can only tame them in their travel form. So if you were hoping for a kitty or bear druid, you’re out of luck (for now). A druid in travel form is part of the Stag family once tamed and brings the versatility raid buff with Grace.

Druids are not exotic, so no need to worry about that. The trick is just catching one in travel form who won’t notice your Tame Beast channeling. AFK druids work best. I wouldn’t recommend taming one of your friends or guildies, since you may lose them as a friend once they can no longer control their druid.

If you’re having trouble finding a cooperative druid, you can also go out into Pandaria to tame some wild versions. Here are a few examples:

Though I personally prefer the real thing. Whatever floats your boat.

Thanks to Petopia for the above images of these stags druids. Click here to view previous pets of the week.

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17 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Druids in Travel Form”

  1. As my two mains are both a druid and a hunter, I am deeply conflicte… must…. tame.. durid…. name.. it.. Alamo….

  2. Now that you’ve mentioned, it’d be cool to have a pet that the main focus is to be a healer and not a tank/dps for us…

  3. Has there been any update yet on being able to tame druids of the flame? Or even druids using Fandral’s staff?
    Heck, when can we tame Fandral in firelands?
    I’d like some bad ass fiery scorpion.

  4. I tamed a druid earlier, but then I realized my Clefthoof is better in every way. So I deleted the guy, needless to say he jumped on his alt and gave me a torrent of abuse.

  5. I hope it’ll happen when Druids agressive, taming on icetrap and tame, or the cheetah form in the stag family, boring when prowling, useful for a catstag pet

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