Pet of the Week: Draenor Raptors

I’m looking forward to using raptor pets more often in Warlords of Draenor. Not just because of these cool new models/skins, but because raptors now bring a crit buff, Strength of the Pack, which makes them useful in more situations.

The best way to describe these new raptors is just that they’re classic WoW raptors re-done in higher definition. Take a look at the video below to see them in action.

These Gorgrond Wastetalon raptors are level 94 and found in Gorgrond. In addition to the red and yellow shown in the video, there are also blue and green colors in the game files but I haven’t come across them yet. It’s possible we might not see them until the post-release patch which will unlock the rest of Tanaan Jungle. It’s also possible one of the colors will be a rare pet.

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11 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Draenor Raptors”

  1. Beautiful raptors, as all the new creatures/skins, my only concern is that the stable can’t hold all the new pets I want to tame, I may even have to choose between these raptors and the wolves. I hope the stabe is incresead, I tweet Muffinus about that but got no response yet.

    1. Sounds awesome, but I doubt it. The good news is you can keep Cheetah up all the time in Warlords since you don’t have to worry about Hawk anymore, and the minor glyph prevents the daze.

  2. Im not one of those that tame every type of pet i see, unless poses a unique skin, but these HD raptors looks cool but in terms of pet preference i prefer wolf… i suppose Blizz will “give us” a new model/skin of wolf because wolf are the “insignia pet” of the Iron Horde, so i expect that…

  3. I ADORE these new raptor models, I can’t wait to add one to my stables. My only gripe is not the model, but the implementation of this design style. Its a stunning Azeroth raptor, but looks nothing like the prior Draenor Raptors (love them or hate them) that are found in Outlands. It would have been a perfect time to go back a recreate/back date the “Spiky” raptors that are native to the planet this expansion is on. It is quite likely the only and last time that it will make sense for the developers to redo/reinvent these, I doubt there is ever going to be another Draenor themed expansion, and they could have been really interesting and exciting to revisit that design style. These new raptors are just a little out of place for my taste on Draenor, despite how beautiful I think they are 🙂

    1. They probably update the Azeroth raptors because a raptor is going to be the new pvp mount for Horde, so they use as the new Draenor model.

  4. This is EXACTLY right Hendrik. 🙂 Every Vicious War Mount has been a new/updated model of the preexisting beast/mount, which also leads on to wonder if the updated ram (Just an educated guess) will make an appearance in game without it’s armor, much like these raptors.
    Still… that said, if you haven’t yet had a look at Bendaks previous post to this, go check out the header image with the amazing stone giant elemental. Bliz has created some stunning rock/stone infused designs in WoD, which does make me lament what they could have done with that style and a “Spikey Raptor”, not sure we will ever know now.

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