Pet of the Week: Flying Rylaks

It’s going to be hard to top last week’s pet, but today we’re taking a lot at another new pet from Warlords of Draenor. The Twinbreath Skystalker is part of the new rylak family, or at least it’s supposed to be. For now it’s just classified as a chimaera until they add the rylak family to the game. Rylaks will be exotic pets.

This isn’t a rare pet, you can go out into the middle of Frostfire Ridge and find several of them flying around, and others being captured by Thunderlord orcs. Unlike other flying pets, rylaks spend all of their time on the ground once tamed. Well, almost all of it…

My favorite part is how the rylak engages its rocket boosters before taking off. Don’t get too excited… this flying bit is probably a bug. It sure would be fun against people who try to run away on their flying mounts.

There are also rylaks without the armor and rocket boosters, but this particular one would go swimmingly with an Iron Skyreaver mount, don’t you think?

We still don’t know what special abilities and/or buffs the rylak family will have, but they may just inherit the now defunct hook wasp abilities (5% haste, 10% stamina, and a slow fall). Either way, they’ll have at least 3 abilities going for them to put them in line with other exotic pets in Warlords.

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11 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Flying Rylaks”

  1. I love how it flies up to attack it’s target. All flying pets should do that. I’m not sure I like it’s jumping ground animation. It looks silly for a flying animal to move like that on the ground.

  2. Making rylaks their own family instead of just leaving them chimera is weird to me, given how many other potential families there are out there that have never been introduced. Heck, I’d rather have the alluded-to Stag family (for talbuks, etc.) than Chimera and Uglier Chimera families.

    1. I wonder if RIverbeasts would have been a better choice as the new exotic family for Draenor…. or even Hydras. As it stands now, RIverbeasts are going to hardly ever be used. Mortal Wounds debuff? Come on…

  3. I know this might be a little discriminatory to all our non- flapping friends, but seeing this just makes me wish they could somehow implement a way, that if you had a flying pet they could stay out and follow you, flying through the sky when your on a flying mount…. By Ellune, I would be as happy as a Coldsnout Piglet in frosty poop!

  4. Next time on flying mount in Azeroth zones when ur pet flies and fly on your mount, like a iron skyreaver, that is so useful

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