Pet of the Week: Hook Wasps

Hook wasps were originally slated to be in their own Exotic Pet family, but Blizzard later decided to just merge them with regular wasps. I can only hope the special ability they were going to have, Flutter, will make it into the rylak repertoire or some other pet family in the future.

I’ve always had a soft spot for wasp pets, I don’t know why. They’re not particularly pleasant to look at, but there’s something cool about having a giant wasp as a pet. The video below shows the new hook wasp model in action.

I’ve come across 3 colors in the beta so far — light blue, yellow, and green — but more colors exist as you can see in the image below from Petopia. I’m particularly fond of the black/green variant, but I have yet to spot it. And does anyone else think a spirit beast hook wasp would look really damn cool? Maybe with sparkle dust falling off its wings… you know, like the sparkle pony or sparkle cloud serpent mounts.

Wasps in Warlords of Draenor have Speed of the Swarm (haste) as their special ability.


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6 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Hook Wasps”

  1. Like them a lot. It probably wouldn’t happen due to the amount of work involved, but having them land when stationary would be great. The constant hovering/flapping is annoying. And you could have some awesome preening/cleaning mandible animations for when they are idle too….

  2. Nice pet for exploring, thanks to his unique skill, if WoD dont going to bring flying in all his “lifespan” a lot of Hunters could use that skill to skip some areas full of mobs… jumping from a cliff of course xD…

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