WoD Beta 18663: Clefthooves, Stags, and more new pets

The highlight of this beta patch was a serious amount of new tameable hunter pets. We have two new pet families and a bunch of new pet skins to discover.

Let’s get the non-pet stuff out of the way first because there’s not much of it in this build:

  • Glyph of Misdirection is back in the build. This has been absent from alpha/beta for a very long time, and some of us were beginning to get worried. It’s all good though.
  • Misdirection is now learned at level 42 (old: level 76)
  • Exotic Munitions: Poisoned Ammo has been buffed slightly (40% AP to 48% AP)
  • Exotic Munitions: Frozen Ammo has had its damage nerfed considerably (40% weapon damage down to 15%). There should no longer be a question of what munition does the most damage on single target.
  • Hunter WoD PvP Marksmanship 4P Bonus: Aimed Shot reduces the cooldown of Rapid Fire by 5 sec.
  • All enchants have been buffed. For example, cloak enchants now grant 250 seconday stats (up from 200).
  • Scopes have been buffed (from 750 to 938 stats)



The rhino family has been renamed to the clefthoof family. The clefthooves in both Outland and Draenor can be tamed, and it certainly spices up the old Rhino family which previously only had a few colors available. Clefthooves are exotic pets which bring 2 buffs with Wild Strength — 3% Versatility and 5% Multistrike — as well as Thick Hide, a passive survivability increase.



The new stag family was just added in this build, and it includes all stags and talbuks found throughout Azeroth, Outland, and Draenor. Thus far I’ve only tamed some Pandaria stags and Outland talbuks. The Draenor talbuks haven’t been flagged as tameable yet (but they should be eventually). Old world stags (pretty much anything with antlers) will also be tameable. The stag buff is called Grace, and it gives your raid the 3% Versatility buff.


New colors for existing pets

It all started with a little tweet from Muffinus. I had just tamed some clefthooves and stags and thought that was it.

Nope! There was more. I headed to Talador and discovered some new moths and a striking new cat. They all use existing models, but the skins are brand new. I let Muffinus know that these new pets indeed made it into this build, but he needed proof.

I took the Stampede shot and a few individual pictures which you can find below (click to embiggen).

new_moth2  new_cat  new_moth3

I also found the new firefly (wasp) he mentioned. You might remember these little guys from Zangarmarsh. This one is pretty close to one that already exists, only its more purple than pink. I also posed for a matching talbuk mount and pet moment, and checked out another clefthoof in Frostfire Ridge.

new_firefly new_talbuk new_clefthoof2  

Then I got word some new pets had shown up in Gorgrond. If you read this site, you probably saw the last Pet of the Week feature on Draenor Raptors. A couple of colors were missing but this build added them in. There was also some slight modifications done to the toucan skins. I’ve included one example below.

new_raptor2  new_raptor1  new_toucan

Oh, and there’s another new cat. The Elder Ridge Prowler, which you’ll find stealthed near the Shattrath flight point:


About those rylaks…

The new rylak family abilities were added in this build, but all of the tameable rylaks I checked out were still part of the chimaera family. I am really excited to play around with their Updraft ability. Hopefully it gets sorted out in the next build. Rylaks also bring Savage Vigor (haste and stamina buffs).

That’s all for now. See you at the next beta build.

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24 thoughts on “WoD Beta 18663: Clefthooves, Stags, and more new pets”

    1. Not that I’ve seen yet. Look at the previous post about “Gara” for something that may or may not be related to the whole void wolf thing.

    2. Recently in the MMO-C website has been posted the pic of a “Fel Wolf” i suppose they will be a new skin/type of wolf to tame, unless is categorize as demon…

  1. What does versatility do exactly?

    Btw, I just found your blog yesterday. I started to read up on some WoD changes, and also thanks to your blog, I’m starting to look forward to WoD.
    Keep doing your awesome work! 🙂

    1. Thanks!

      Each point of versatility gives you 1% damage, 1% healing, and 0.5% less damage taken. The pet buff is 3%/3%/1.5% in that case. You’ll also get some of it on gear. You could also enchant for it, but I doubt it would compete with the other stats DPS wise. Maybe for some kind of extreme soloing?

      Edited: It does not affect mend pet or spirit bond right now

      1. Versatility is not affecting spirit bond or mend pet; just tested that by putting on a full set of Versatility gear; no difference in either.

        1. Thanks Shoot, I just assumed it would, but maybe it’s designed not to affect percent based heals? Just tested Exhilaration with same result. Worth sending a bug in anyway just in case.

          1. Not a problem Bendak =); definitely either post a tweet/bug report on that for sure. Also in the previous build multi-strike was affecting mend pet; but in the current it’s not so that is worth mentioning to Blizzard especially considering the healing it was doing;


            These are my healing logs for when I killed Stone Dogs 25; take a look at those multi-strike heals. Hope they bring this back but maybe it was unintentional.

  2. Does it still look like “Blink Strikes” are going to stay a talent choice next to “Stampede” and AMoC? And is MM going to be made a bit more interesting? Most recent Hunter news seems to imply they’re happy with how the class’s skills are turning out. For the most part I’m happy with the changes, but the 75 talent tier seems a rather large oversight.

    1. Thank you! I figured they’d all be congregated with the other tigers, guess not.

      Edit: Checked myself, these are not the same cats. The ones on the way to Nagrand are black/gray (not black/orange)

      1. Okay I looked again, they’re not on the path to Nagrand, the Elder Ridge Prowlers are stealthed or sleeping just East of the Shattrath flight point, on the top of the ridge around the Ridge prowlers.

  3. B… But… Stags… I thought they would give a Multistrike buff… I mean LOOK AT THE ANTLERS! Love the new pets though, hyped as hell.

  4. Would appreciate a video on the various different models of the Clefthoofs and Stags. These are the two families I’m most hyped for. 🙂

  5. So excited for these new pets! This expansion makes me happier as a hunter. I can’t wait to tame the new stags especially. Always wanted one ever since I saw the stags in Ashenvale, when I was leveling in the past. Now I wonder if they are going to give us more stable slots. If not, I could always make some room!

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