Gara, the loyal Spirit Wolf: Hints at a new tame?

Hunter @Miacoda discovered this sad and lonely spirit wolf, Gara, apparently keeping vigil at its master’s grave in Shadowmoon Valley for Elune knows how long. The interesting thing about Gara is that you can only interact with her if you are in beast mastery spec. Nothing happens yet, but this is a pretty big hint at something.

Update on Gara: For the latest info on Gara, see this new post.


That’s, uhh… hey! Who’s cutting onions in here? Miacoda asked Muffinus what was going on with Gara, and he gave a bit of a cryptic response, but then elaborated some more:

I sincerely hope that “something” is beast mastery hunters being able to tame a new spirit beast. It would be way too depressing to just leave this poor pup here for eternity.  I have to wonder if this has anything to do with the Void Wolf we’re supposed to be getting. You can’t tame them anymore, but Muffinus hinted at there being a single Void Wolf out there that you can save from becoming an abberation. It’s possible that is what Gara is, though right now he just looks like a regular spirit wolf. garamap Whatever it ends up being, I just hope it’s something all hunters can enjoy. I have a bad vision of a dozen hunters camping this spot and spam clicking it as soon as it spawns. I’d prefer a hunter-only vignette so you can actually enjoy this little event/quest/whatever it is and not worry about who clicks first.

Update: Muffinus assured us it won’t be like that. It’s going to be “personal.” 🙂

This will likely be one of the first places I check out on subsequent beta builds.  Stay tuned! It’s a good expansion to be a pet-loving hunter.


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12 thoughts on “Gara, the loyal Spirit Wolf: Hints at a new tame?”

  1. I really do hope it will be a hunter-only vignette. It is already a pain to go back camping for the older spirit beasts, only to get into it with others, like having someone kill the spirit beast while mid-tame and all those other shenanigans. It just brings out the worse in people. So a vignette would definitely be great for this spirit beast! Hope the results of interaction will show up on a build really soon!

  2. That is a gorgeous model. And I’m totally screwed because my stable is full :/ I *pray* they upgrade the stable in WoD – we can have 1000 companion pets, why not hunter pets?!

  3. Well, between server crashes I got her to perk up a little. She looked at something in my bag… and the server crashed again.
    Time for bed. I’ll try again tomorrow.

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