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Hunter changes in Warlords alpha build 18379

Not too many changes to report here, though Celestalon did say this build was created in the middle of them adding a lot of changes, which is why some classes got more than others. Hunters were one of the classes missing out for this build.

New passive abilities

All classes received these new attunement abilities with a different stat for each spec. I’m not sure what the point of them is. Either they wish for these particular stats to be stronger for their respective specs, or they’re worried that these particular stats will have less value so they’re trying to balance them out.

The chosen stats make me think it’s the former. Beast Mastery definitely values mastery more than the others, and Survival is all about lots of smaller individual hits and ticks so there’s more chances for Multistrike to proc. I would have expected a haste boost for Marksmanship, but I suppose crit plays well with Enhanced Aimed Shot.

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Hook Wasps are joining the Wasp family, Rylaks will be exotic

The previously announced Hook Wasp exotic pets are going to be folded into the regular Wasp family and will no longer be exotic. Replacing them as the new exotic family in Warlords will be the Rylaks. If you’re wondering what a Rylak is, it’s the same thing as an Iron Skyreaver mount (minus the rocket boosters) as seen above.

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R.I.P. Bear Trap, 40-second Bestial Wrath, and 7-second Disengage

Well, that didn’t last very long.

R.I.P. Bear Trap, for the second time (it was originally slated to be added in Wrath before being removed in that beta).  It sounds like there isn’t going to be a replacement either. When Celestalon says it’s “not needed without Readiness” I think he means one of the reasons they added Bear Trap in the first place was so Survival would have a DPS cooldown affected by the stat. However, now that Readiness is kaput, they feel like there’s no need for it.

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Obligatory “I’m not in Alpha” post

I’m currently living vicariously through twitch streams of all the cool kids who got invited to the alpha. Boy, it sure looks like a lot of fun. One of the few hunter streams I’ve found so far is Azortharion’s. Feel free to point out any others you find in the comments.

I’m kind of sad I’m not in, but it’s understandable since I’m pretty new to the community and not very well known. I started writing Scattered Shots less than a year ago and I wasn’t blogging before then. Eyes of the Beast is even more recent. It hasn’t even been 4 months yet! I am happy with how the site has taken off though (in terms of page views, way beyond what I imagined). The hunter community has been very supportive.

Speaking of them, it’s too bad there are no hunter bloggers (that I’ve seen so far) who got in.  Needs more hunter love, Blizz. Come on! Even some of the folks at WoW Insider don’t have an invite yet, so I guess it’s been mostly limited to streamers. That’s what it feels like anyway.

Hopefully the invites ramp up soon and I’ll get into beta. I am just chomping at the bit for some new stuff, and I’d love to write about it over the summer.  In the meantime, back to Twitch (ever try listening to 3 streams at once? Yikes!).

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Hunter Update for WoD Alpha build 18322

A new alpha build hit the servers today. There’s a couple of hunter changes to report, mainly in the self-healing category.

  • Kill Shot You attempt to finish the wounded target off, firing a long range attack dealing 550% weapon damage. Kill Shot can only be used on enemies that have 20% or less health. If the target dies, the Hunter will regain 15% of maximum health. If Kill Shot fails to kill the target, the cooldown is instantly reset, but cannot be reset more often than once every 6 sec. Requires Ranged Weapon. Hunter – Beast Mastery & Marksmanship Spec. 45 yd range. 10 sec cooldown.
  • Survivalist (New) After killing a target, you gain 15% health over 10 sec. (Survival Spec)

Marksmanship and Beast Mastery hunters will get a heal if the killing blow is made with Kill Shot, whereas it sounds like Survival hunters will get a HoT on every killing blow (since survival does not have Kill Shot anymore). If I had to guess, I would say the HoT won’t stack and if you get another killing blow, it simply resets the HoT. More self-healing is always good. This seems like a PvP buff more than anything, but it would also be helpful for leveling. Also remember that at level 100, Kill Shot can be used on targets with 35% or less health instead of 20%.

It also looks like the Glyph of Distracting Shot was added back into the build (Distracting Shot was put back in the build prior). Anything else being datamined so far looks like tooltip bug fixes.

Nothing much else huntery to report, but Wowhead has a nice summary of the patch, including a list of all the items (so far) that are going to be added to the Toybox.


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Hunter updates from the official Warlords alpha patch notes

Blizzard just updated the Warlords of Draenor alpha patch notes. We already learned about most of this yesterday from the datamining, but the notes explain how they want each spec to have their own unique DPS cooldown. They also confirmed that Bear Trap will be affected by the Enhanced Traps for a roughly 2 minute cooldown. Also note that Rapid Fire’s base cooldown is also 2 minutes now. Bestial Wrath still has a 1 min cooldown.

I found it odd the notes made no mention of the new Exotic Munitions talent. Maybe just an oversight.

In the raid utility section, they also mention that hunters will be getting a new raid utility ability soon. Absolutely no idea what this is going to be.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forums)
Each Hunter specialization received a revision to the burst-damage-cooldowns they have access to. All specializations now have one burst-damage-cooldown available baseline, and can add to that through talent choices.

Beast Mastery Hunters retain Bestial Wrath. Rapid Fire is a good fit for Marksmanship, and we improved it. For Survival, we wanted to both increase the prominence of their traps, and give them a new damage cooldown. So, a new trap called Bear Trap has been created to fit that role. Note that Bear Trap’s base cooldown can be reduced by other passive abilities and perks, such that it has roughly a 2 minute-cooldown afterwards.

Bear Trap is a new ability for Survival Hunters. Bear Trap places a trap with duration of 1 minute that immobilizes the first enemy that triggers it for 8 seconds and deals heavy bleed damage over 20 seconds. Damage from other sources may break the immobilization effect. The ability has a 4 minute cooldown.

Careful Aim now also provides its effect against all targets when Rapid Fire is active.

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More fancy new ranged weapons from the Warlords alpha

Wowhead just posted a bunch of new weapon models and there are some impressive hunter weapons in here. Most impressive of all (IMO) is the Challenge Mode transmog reward gun in the header image. There’s going to be a bow too, but it’s not in the game yet. But wait until you see the cool animation on this gun. You can use the 3D viewer at Wowhead or just view this handy gif I made of the firing animation. WANT.

Below are the other weapons added in this patch. If you missed the hunter class changes in this build, be sure to check out this post.

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Alpha Update: New level 100 hunter talent and more

A new Warlords of Draenor alpha build just went up and MMO-C has begun the datamining. We have some tantalizing new hunter changes including the replacement for Flaming Shots in the level 100 talent tier. Here’s a summary of what’s new or changed:

  • Distracting Shot is back! It was removed previously as part of ability pruning but it seems Blizzard has listened to the feedback. We like our Distracting Shot. 🙂
  • Misdirection now redirects threat for 8 seconds, down from 60 minutes. They decided to ditch the 1 hour MD for something else, which we don’t know of yet (it’s not in this build).
  • A lot of spells have had their damage reduced (for example, Multi-Shot went from 60% to 30% weapon damage), but this is nothing to be alarmed over. It’s all part of the tuning process.

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Hunter patch notes from Warlords beta

Below is a consolidated list of hunter changes from the Warlords of Draenor beta.

I will be updating this post every time new patch notes or major revelations from blue tweets are released (the latest updates will be in red). I’ll also bump it to the front of the blog when any major updates happen.

Last updated: August 22, 2014
Probably one of the final updates.

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Blizzard is OK with some talents not working with Lone Wolf, more hints at a raid cooldown

We talked a little bit about this earlier when Celestalon mentioned that Master’s Call and Spirit Bond would not work if a survival or marksmanship hunter chose the Lone Wolf talent. Yesterday, he talked a little more about this subject. In short, Blizzard is OK with some talents being made useless by choosing another (as long as the player can still choose between two in any given talent tier).

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