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Holy Misdirection Buff, Batman!

I was just listening to the live interview with Celestalon on Final Boss TV, and he dropped a bomb in regards to Misdirection in Warlords of Draenor. Here is the new tooltip just posted by Wowhead:


Wow! You’ll effectively be able to permanently transfer threat to the tank (or your pet for soloing I would imagine). This was added to give hunters a little more raid utility, without that utility being a “mandatory” raid-wide DPS or survival cooldown.

I’m sure we’ll get more details soon, like if there are any restrictions, but I’m pretty excited about this. Not just for raiding but for keeping mobs on my pet while soloing. Finally I won’t have to use a major glyph slot to keep my pet permanently misdirected.

Updated 4/21:

Sorry for those of you who were excited for the change, but it looks like it’s not going to happen anymore. Blizzard has something else up their sleeve for hunters.

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New Hunter pets and pet buffs in Warlords

More fun hunter stuff from the Warlords of Draenor alpha has been datamined! First up, it looks like all buffs will be able to be provided by non-Exotic pets, including bloodlust/heroism.  It appears that some exotic pets will be getting new special abilities instead of having access to exclusive buffs.

We currently know about 5 new pet families in Warlords:

  • Rylak (Exotic) — Haste, Stamina, and Slow fall
  • Riverbeast — Mortal Wounds (reduced healing)
  • Hydra — Mastery buff
  • Stags – Versatility buff
  • Clefthooves (Exotic) — Versatility, Multistrike, and damage reduction.

To learn more about the new pet families in Warlords, check out this video

Below is a handful of the new pets you’ll find in Draenor.

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New hunter glyphs datamined

The fine folks over at Wowhead have been datamining the alpha client and there’s a few more huntery things to share, including 4 new glyphs.

New Glyphs
  • Glyph of Snake Trap (Major) — Your Ice Trap is replaced with Snake Trap. Venomous snakes released by the trap will poison nearby enemies with a Crippling Poison that reduces movement speed by 50% for 12 sec.
    • It looks like Snake Trap is being removed as a baseline trap, but for those who will miss it, you can turn your Ice Trap back into Snake Trap. The only difference is the snakes will only use Crippling Poison.
  • Glyph of Quick Revival (Major) — Your Revive Pet is now instant but costs 80 Focus.
    • I would have a hard time using up a major glyph slot on this one. With Heart of the Phoenix, and now that Revive Pet’s cast time is already below 2 seconds with haste… it just doesn’t seem that appealing to me, but it may have use in specific soloing situations.
  • Glyph of Deep Frost (Major) — Victims of your Freezing Trap are now immune to any damage for its duration.
    • Sooo… what if we want to break the target out early? In PvP its not as much of an issue, but the 1 min duration in PvE could be annoying. On the other hand, there are probably situations where it would be nice to lock down an add for a minute and not have to worry about it breaking.
  • Glyph of Play Dead (Minor) — Your pet also plays dead when you use Feign Death.
    • How adorable. Seriously, this is a pretty fun sounding minor glyph.
Glyph Changes

As a bonus, check out this BoP engineer crafted gun, Shrediron’s Face Shredder.


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A closer look at survival hunters in Warlords of Draenor

Update 8/22: This article is still mostly accurate but is slightly depreciated. It will give you a good overview of the  overall changes but you may want to view more recent posts under the Survival tag for more info and recent opinions.

If you missed it yesterday, Blizzard released the first version of patch notes for the Warlords of Draenor alpha. I’ve summed up all the relevant hunter info in this post if you want to catch up.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be looking at some of the individual changes in separate posts such as this one — my opinions on them, and what I think they mean for hunters.  Today I’m going to start with the survival spec changes as there seems to be a lot of discussion and concern over the removal of Kill Shot from survival’s toolkit. The news isn’t all bad though. Survival may actually live up to its namesake now.

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Hydras confirmed!

In a time with so little WoW news being released, little tidbits like this really get me excited. WoW Designer @Muffinus tweeted a pic of a Hydra standing beside a hunter, and confirmed it is indeed a tamed pet. Earlier this month, he asked hunters what they’d like to see for hunter pets in Warlords. Several hunters (including myself) reiterated how much we want to see Hydras. It seems our wish has been granted.

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Guide for new and recently boosted hunters

Shortly after the 90 boosts went live, Wowhead asked me to put together a guide for players who are brand new to the hunter class. The guide just went live today and it looks great! If you’re new to the class, or just want to brush up on some things, you can check it out here: Wowhead Hunter DPS Guide.

Keep in mind it’s aimed squarely at new players (all those boosted hunters everywhere!) and was intentionally kept simple! I know a different reforge can squeeze out an extra percent or two of DPS for a BM hunter under certain circumstances, but the goal was to avoid the theorycrafting stuff and keep it to the basics. Wowhead also has similar guides for every other class written by other class bloggers, so if you recently boosted a non-hunter, you can check those out here.

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New hunter podcast on the way

It’s been a couple of months since the Hunting Party Podcast closed its doors with episode 200, and hunters have been wanting their podcast fix ever since.

Hunter Solar, formerly of the Convert to Raid podcast, has announced a new hunter podcast called Cloak and Quiver. The first episode is due sometime next week. I’m pretty excited! Follow @CloakAndQuiver to find out when the first episode drops.

Update: Episodes will be released on Sundays!


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Melee hunter does 300k DPS

Hunter Trictagon from US-Kel’Thuzad recently put out a video showing off their melee hunter build, pulling off 300k DPS against Kor’kron Dark Shaman in flex mode with beast mastery spec.

With an average item level of 578 and two 574 daggers, the vast majority of the damage was done by the pet. Only about 5% of the damage actually came from melee attacks. If there was ever a showcase for how insanely out of control BM passive damage is, it’s this. The only active abilities cast were Kill Command, Dire Beast, and Glaive Toss (which doesn’t require a ranged weapon). Explosive and Snake traps added a little bit of damage, but most of it was procs and pets. Trictagon claimed to be losing about 30% DPS by not using a ranged weapon.

Check out the video below, but don’t think this means you can start rolling on melee weapons…

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Warlords of Draenor pre-order thoughts

Warlords of Draenor is now up for pre-order (at least digitally). The “free” level 90 character boost as well as the mount and pet are all available immediately. I, of course, bought it the first moment I could, but I was a little surprised that the price had gone up $10 over previous expansions. I think a lot of people (especially alt-a-holics) would be interested in a $39.99/59.99 expansion, like they used to cost, without the 90 boost option.

Price stuff aside, I was really disappointed to learn that the release isn’t expected until the fall of this year (which means September at the earliest). I was under the impression that MoP’s final tier would be shorter than previous expansions. A full 10 months of Dragon Soul was very… very tedious. Granted, Siege of Orgrimmar is ten times better as a raid tier, but with this news we’re looking at it lasting at least a full 12 months! Yikes. If there’s one good thing to come out of this, it’s that I’ll be enjoying the summer (outside!) a whole lot more.

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How would you change pet taming?

When it comes to rare hunter pets, what aspect of taming do you like the most? Ultra rare spawns like Wrath spirit beasts? Challenge tames from the Firelands patch? Hidden beasts which you need to track down with your flare in Mists? WoW Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel wants to hear from you on Twitter about what you think works and what doesn’t.


The spirit beasts in Northrend (and some of the others, like King Krush) are very rare and highly camped. Both things are not necessarily the problem. The main problem with these is achievements like Frostbitten or the fact that they drop any loot at all. I think it’s a good thing that some pets are exceptionally hard to find as it makes finding them that much more exciting. It took me over 5 years of looking on and off to finally find King Krush alive and it felt good to finally tame that dino. When there is a benefit to killing the pet (even those grey vendor items), there will always be people who go out of their way to kill them.

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