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Pet of the Week: Hexapos

Hexapos is the only water strider to use the “white fen strider” skin and in found in the Dread Wastes. Chances are you’ve flown over this guy without even knowing because he’s one of the handful of Mists of Pandaria pets which are invisible until revealed by a hunter’s Flare. The only way to find Hexapos is to look for his tracks on the ground and drop your flare where you think he’ll show up next, which is usually just a little bit ahead of the most recent footprint.

The problem with Hexapos is the enormous patrol path… he basically takes a leisurely stroll around the entire zone. The map below shows his patrol route and what tracks you should look out for.

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Pet(s) of the Week: Wolves that bark, growl, and howl

That there is my Oil-stained Wolf named Void. They are no longer tameable with their oily coat intact — I thought I would get that out of the way first (sorry about that ­čśŤ ). Aside from looking really cool, this wolf has a neat little feature of barking/growling when he is clicked.

It turns out there are a handful of wolves available in the game which will do this — some rare, some easy to find. Why is this such a big deal? Because when you click on them, you gain a stacking 1% damage buff from each bark (up to 20 stacks). Not many people know about this hidden buff as it doesn’t appear in your list of auras and…

Alright, I’m kidding. There’s really no point to this. I just like pets that make sounds when I click on them, OK?

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Pet of the Week: Sparkwing

The spiked wind serpents only had a couple colors available prior to Mists of Pandaria even though there were other unused colors in the game files for years. Blizzard remedied this by scattering a bunch of new rares in 5.1 and 5.2 to get some of those colors in the wild.

Sparkwing, pictured above, is the only wind serpent to use the blue/white skin. It spawns at about 59,86 inside a cave in Stonetalon Mountains. As with most old world rares added in Mists, its respawn time seems to average around 3-4 hours. Wind Serpents have Lightning Breath (magic vulnerability) as their special ability, and it’s going to stay the same in Warlords.

You may also remember this blue guy from the T15 2-piece bonus that summoned a Thunderhawk (which always seemed to shoot the wrong target, am I right?).

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Pet of the Week: Sunwing

Sunwing is a level 51 rare Dragonhawk found in the Burning Steppes. It’s the only tameable Dragonhawk to use the black skin and is definitely my favorite. It’s fairly new to the game, just being added in patch 5.1. The Dragonhawk’s special ability is Fire Breath (magic vulnerability) and it looks like it’s staying that way for Warlords of Draenor.

Sunwing spawns at roughly 10,53 near Flamestar Post. If you are Alliance, this is only about a 30 second flight from Stormwind, so it’s very easy to check and see if he’s up. The respawn time seems to be around 4 hours, give or take. I see him up pretty frequently when I take trips to Blackrock Mountain.

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Pet of the Week: Gurubashi Riding Raptor

Raptors are one of the many pets getting ability and buff changes in Warlords of Draenor. Currently, the Raptor special ability is Tear Armor (Weakened Armor debuff), but in Warlords this will be changed to Strength of the Pack (5% crit buff) because that particular debuff is being removed (across all classes).

The Gurubashi Riding Raptor is found on the Isle of Reckoning in the northern tip of Kun Lai Summit and is probably my favorite raptor skin. It comes in orange and red. If you’re into the whole mount matching thing, they both have mount counterparts (Swift Orange Raptor and Armored Razzashi Raptor). As I have neither, the closest match for me was the Red Primal Raptor.

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Pet of the Week: Ban’thalos

Ban’thalos is one of the many challenge tames added back in patch 4.2. This level 85 spirit beast can be found in Hyjal, circling high above the Sanctuary of Malorne (around 28,62). The challenge to this tame is the sheer height Ban’thalos spawns at. You need to be able to get aggro and land on solid ground without killing yourself.

There are a couple of ways to pull off the tame, but first you need to have progressed the Hyjal quest lines up until you’ve unlocked the Molten Front daily quest area. If you haven’t yet, this quest will be available on your city’s “call to arms” board. Ban’thalos will be outside of your phase until you do this, along with Magria and Ankha who are also nearby.

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Pet of the Week: Aotona

This week’s pet is one of my favorite birds, Aotona. You can find this Bird of Prey in Sholazar Basin, so if you’re looking for King Krush or Loque’nahak, it’s definitely worth flying by Aotona’s spawn points as well.

Aotona is still the only bird to use the “blue parrot” skin. Like many other birds, she also has the Trick ability which makes her do a loop. See here for a gif of it in action. We need more pets with trick abilities if you ask me! Fox pets can dance for their trick, so why not give bears and cats the ability to dance as well? There’s already animations available from the druid forms!

Check Wowhead for the spawn point map if you’re interested in this birdy, and click here to see previous pets of the week.

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Pet of the Week: King Krush

Day 1: I just dinged level 80 and I heard about this new rare Devilsaur pet called King Krush. He’s the only green devilsaur. I must tame this beast!
Day 6:
A fellow hunter who encountered this rare beast told me his initial attempts to tame the beast were unsuccessful because it would fear him before the tame completes. And Krush hits like a truck.
Day 37: Still no sign of King Krush, but I always keep a throwaway pet on hand so I can cast Bestial Wrath for fear immunity right before the tame. I have a macro that will instantly abandon the throwaway after Bestial Wrath. It also pops a haste potion. It’s foolproof!
Day 212: Still no sign of King Krush. I’m beginning to lose hope.
Day 1037: I give up.
Day 1860: Decided to give it another go for old times’ sake. No luck, but I’m going to log out in Sholazar so I can check as soon as I login tomorrow.
Day 1861: I logged in to find King Krush standing 15 yards in front of me. HE’S MINE!

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Pet of the Week: Gezzarak / Zormus

Warp Stalkers used to have a spell called Warp which is very similar to what Blink Strikes is today, only they had it many years earlier. You won’t see many hunters using these pets since they don’t provide a buff, but they do have their Time Warp ability. I’ll admit to hardly using mine for that reason, but I still think it’s a cool pet to run around with from time to time.

There are only two beasts with this black warp stalker skin — Gezzarak the Huntress and Zormus. Gezzarak is summoned in Terrokar Forest and Zormus is one of the new rares added in patch 5.2.

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Pet of the Week: Duskfang

Duskfang is the only tamable cat to use the “Black Saber Cat” skin and can be found in Swamp of Sorrows. Since it’s is a quest mob, it will always be up and available for taming. It’s one of my more favorite cats and is usually what I run with if I need to provide a mastery buff as survival. Also matches well with the Panther Cub battle pet.

Duskfang is level 55 and can be found inside the cave at 11,34 on the far east side of Swamp of Sorrows.

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